2018 May 22 - Minutes

Carlby Village Meeting


Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting

Held on

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 7.00 p.m. in Carlby Village Hall.


  1. Record of those present.

Chair, John Bavister.

Ward Councillors, Martin Wilkins, Bob Adams.

Members of the public, 13.


  1. To Note apologies for absence.

Ben Haines, Steve Markham, Isabel Robson.


  1. Reports from District and County Councillors.

Martin Wilkins: Reorganisation of SKDC has resulted in a new Chief Executive, new Leader of the Cabinet. A top-heavy management structure has been reduced. Resulting in a new corporate strategy. SKDC has formed a non-profit company responsible for bringing jobs into the District.

As chair of the Planning Committee, during the past year I have organised a meeting between planners, councillors and the public. Additionally, a recent tour of the Ward with the new Chief Executive created a good understanding of the challenges and problems faced.

The new Neighbourhood Plan for Carlby will be very good for the Village and will have to be taken into account when SKDC make planning decisions. A new SKDC Local Plan should be in place by October this year after being approved by the Secretary of State. One of the problems with building enough houses in the Ward is caused by developers obtaining planning permission but not starting to build.


It is important to move the SKDC bias away from Grantham and towards Stamford and Bourne – villages must not be forgotten.

Lastly, there are 13 settlements in the Ward and I have £1,000 to give away between them, are there any ideas on how we should spend it?


  1. Chair’s Report.

John Bavister: After a difficult start to the Parish year, the council has now corrected many issues and since employment of the new Clerk, Robin Morrison in November 2017 the Council enjoys accuracy in its procedures and financial processes. With a great deal of work having taken place to set the scene for the coming year 2018/19 and beyond.

One big expenditure this year past, other than village organisation grants, was the replacement of the village sign, now manufactured in moulded polycarbonate, which has a considerable longer life span compared to the original oak carving which required two repairs during its 17-year life. In detailing the fiscal prospectus, it was clear that the precept had to be increased to be able to continue with the level of grants available to the varied community facilities and clubs within the village. These facilities and community activity groups are well supported and merit every one’s financial contribution. On behalf of all council tax payers, we thank everyone for this financial input.

Notwithstanding any unforeseen demand the books are in good financial order and under control. This financial year we start with a balance of £9,463. The audit trail shows 2017/18 closing at £546, in reality the account went down to £454, not really enough of a safety buffer, work will continue to ensure greater accuracy of the 3-year fiscal plan.

Works identified for expenditure this year are the cleaning and painting of both bus shelters, a metal tree guard and plaque, and an archive storage box. Additional clerical work will also be funded due to the obligation of conformity to the new data protection act official commencement on 25th May this year. This having induced a considerable amount of additional paper work to achieve compliance.

During the parish year there has been four incidents of criminal vandalism to the notice boards at the Village Hall, which if not eradicated, will have a further impact on the amount of capital available.  Just a reminder, it is the council’s policy and should be everyone’s duty to report to the police, officially on 101 every issue no matter how small, as it is the only way the police will be able to know what is taking place in Carlby and can then act accordingly. The police were to attend tonight yet have been called to a reported incident.

On the subject of the Carlby Neighbourhood Plan, the official documents have been presented to SKDC we await comment and it is a view that Carlby has been let down by the officers with unnecessary delays. The plan is now in its regulation 15 phase of 6 weeks further consultation ending on the 8th June.

As this is our collective Parish meeting (a statutory requirement for all Parishes) comments are welcome from local organisations, before the floor is opened up for any remarks that you may wish to make, take up, and support in the coming year along with the council.

  1. Reports from Local Organisations.


  1. Village Hall, Chair’s Report:

The hall continues to be used extensively for regular and one-off bookings.  As well as by village groups, the hall is also used for a wide variety of activities including karate, line dancing, choir practice, indoor bowls, the ever-popular children’s parties and – of course – the monthly pub and quiz nights. One-off events last year included the return of the Corby Male Voice Choir in July and a Race Night in September.

We have continued to theme the Pub Nights – usually held on the 3rd Saturday of each month – and decorate the hall accordingly. These nights have proved so popular we have a waiting list of ‘guest’ quiz masters, who just can’t wait to be at the sharp end of the Carlby hecklers. The support given by all those who attend the pub nights is greatly appreciated by the committee.

Repairs and refurbishments of the hall are an ongoing responsibility and in 2017 we replaced the emergency fire doors and purchased a new drinks chiller for the bar. Several of the fragile ceiling tiles have been replaced and a new storage cupboard has been fitted in the ladies’ toilet. Sadly, our noticeboard has twice been the victim of petty vandalism and had to be repaired. It is now back up but for how long? For 2018 we are looking at updating the kitchen and giving the hall and bar a much-needed lick of paint.


  1.  Playing Field, Chair’s Report:

We plan to fit a gyro spinner and smaller childrens’ play equipment. There is also a need to replace benches. A bonfire party is planned for 3rd November. We also plan to try and reduce our grass cutting bill and welcome any assistance. Our AGM is at the end of June.


  1.  Carlby Friendly Club:

On behalf of the Carlby Friendly Club I would like to thank Carlby Parish Council for their generous donation made to our club once again.

The monies go towards hiring a coach for our annual summer seaside trip, which was to Mablethorpe with a coffee break at Johnsons Garden Centre near Boston. The weather was good to us and everyone enjoyed the day.

At present we have about 15 members and hoping to encourage more. We are now into our 11th year, from the setting up of the club, Daphne has done an excellent job of running the monthly meetings and organising trips to the coast and of course our Christmas lunch. As from February 2018 meeting, Lesley has taken over the reins and hopes to carry on the good work.


  1. St Stephens Church:

We now have a family service on the 1st Sunday of each month, this is well supported with up to 50 attendees. Also, on the 2nd Sunday of each month, we hold the Childrens’ Jam Club in the Village Hall, with as many as 40 attending on occasion.

There are now 2 Church Wardens, which is very good news for the Church but with the Vicar retiring next year, we await further change.


  1. The Meeting was declared closed at 7.42pm