2018 July 24

Chair: John Bavister. Vice-Chair: Steve Markham.
Councillors: Ian Dair, Roger Easton, Benjamin Haines, Isabel Robson.
Parish Clerk: Robin Morrison.
clerkcarlby@gmail.com 07944 054546
Carlby Parish Council, c/o Village Hall, High Street, Carlby, PE9 4LX.
Minutes of a Meeting of Carlby Parish Council
Held on
Tuesday, 24 July 2018 at 7.30 p.m. in Carlby Village Hall.
Draft Minutes to be confirmed at next Meeting.
1. To Note those present.
Chair, John Bavister. Councillors, Ian Dair; Roger Easton; Ben Haines; Steve Markham.
District Councillors, Bob Adams; Martin Wilkins. 5 members of the public.
2. To Note apologies for absence.
Councillor, Isabel Robson.
3. Declarations of Pecuniary interests.
4. To Appoint Vice-Chair.
Steve Markham (Nominated by Roger Easton) was elected Vice-Chair for the year 2018-2019 by a unanimous vote.
5. To Agree that the Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting held on 22 May 2018 are a true record.
Confirmed and signed by the Chair.
6. Open Forum for members of the public in attendance.
Member of the public reported that vegetation was overhanging the pavement on Manor Road. Steve Markham offered to speak to the relevant householders and request they cut back the overgrowth.
General Data Protection Regulation.
An important aspect of complying with GDPR is being open and transparent with individuals about how their personal data will be used.
Carlby Parish Council will ensure that personal data shall be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner and will be; Only collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes; Adequate, relevant and limited to what is neces-sary; Accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date; Kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary; Processed in a manner that enables appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing; Processed in accordance with an individual's rights; Kept in a secure manner.
Carlby Parish Council 2 24/07/18
7. Reports from District and County Councillors.
Bob Adams:
1. Grit Bins – Villages shall soon be consulted by LCC Highways department, do we want to change locations or add more bins?
2. Grounds Maintenance – SKDC is bringing the service back in house and will be taking a fresh look at grass cutting and maintenance of verges.
3. Potholes – backlog of repairs will be completed by end of September this year. If you have any potholes to report, the ‘Fix my Street’ online portal is now working. https://www.fixmystreet.com/reports/Lincolnshire
4. Community Speedwatch – A Co-ordinator has been employed by LCC and is now implementing a new system: Owners of speeding vehicles, detected by the Speedwatch volunteers, will be sent a warning letter by the Police. Persistent offenders will face further action.
5. A6121 Junction near Witham on the Hill – LCC Highways are changing the speed signs and will paint white lines on the road to help control traffic.
Martin Wilkins:
1. InvestSK – nothing to report at the moment.
2. Neighbourhood Plan Inspector – not appointed yet as Planning Department has undergone many changes recently. I shall continue to chase this.
8. Financial matters.
a) To Approve Financial Report for the year 01 April 2018 to 30 June 2018. Agreed.
b) To Agree Budget Review for the year 01 April 2018 to 30 June 2018 and the following changes: Agreed.
i. New item, Contingency: £894.
ii. Grants: adjusted due to unbudgeted items (Bus shelter refurb, Tree guard, Tree Plaque, Laptop and bag, Internal Auditor expense) and need to allow for contingencies.
c) To Approve Payments as follows: Agreed.
i. Clerk, Overtime and Expenses for May & June 2018, £187.08.
ii. Village Hall Rental for Meetings 2017-18, £104.00.
iii. Robin Morrison, Repayment of Wine for Internal Auditor, £44.00.
iv. Robin Morrison, Repayment of Laptop Bag, £7.99.
v. Playing Field Trust, Grant for 2018/19, £2,000.00.
vi. St. Stephens, Social Fund, Grant for 2018/19, £900.00.
vii. Friendly Club, Grant for 2018/19, £200.00.
viii. Bowls Club, Grant for 2018/19. £200.00.
Carlby Parish Council 3 24/07/18
ix. Clerk, Pay for April 2018, £134.19 (already paid)
x. Clerk, Pay for May 2018, £134.19 (already paid)
xi. Clerk, Pay for June 2018, £134.19 (already paid)
xii. Hmrc, Clerk’s Tax for Mar 2018, £33.40 (already paid)
xiii. Hmrc, Clerk’s Tax for Apr 2018, £33.40 (already paid)
xiv. Hmrc, Clerk’s Tax for May 2018, £33.60 (already paid)
xv. Hmrc, Clerk’s Tax for June 2018, £68.00 (already paid)
xvi. Came & Company, Annual Insurance, £335.00 (already paid)
xvii. Matthew Pope, Refurbishment of Bus Shelters (already paid)
9. Planning:
To Note the following applications: Noted.
a) S18/0973/HSH/DA/PC1, 5 High Street, Erection of side and rear extension. Council’s standard response was sent to SKDC.
b) S18/0562, 11 Fenton Drive, Erection of two storey and single storey extensions. Permission Granted.
10. Allotments.
It was Agreed to seek land for use as allotments.
11. Neighbourhood plan update.
John Bavister: There is no further progress because an Inspector has not been appointed. You may read about our plan at: http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Carlby/section.asp?catId=37979
And about plans in general at:
12. General Data Protection Regulation. Update by Clerk.
Nothing to report.
13. Communications.
a) Dropbox. Councillors and Clerk using the service satisfactorily.
b) Mailchimp. Explanation of the benefits of Mailchimp by Ben Haines.
c) Website. Ben Haines stated that the Council could do with some extra help to maintain and ultimately improve the website.
14. Speedwatch programme. To Discuss purchase of new equipment:
a) Hand held radar, £239.00.
b) 5 jackets printed with official logo, £41.25.
Carlby Parish Council 4 24/07/18
c) 4 ‘Check your speed’ signs. It was Agreed to discuss sharing resources with other villages in the area before deciding whether to purchase equipment.
15. Target agreements 2018/19: Bi-Monthly review.
It was Agreed that good progress had been made, notably: Readiness for inspection of The Neighbourhood Plan, Bus Shelter refurbishment, Guard and Plaque installation for the Golden Jubilee Tree, completion of Councillor training, Website review and improvements,
regular engagement with SKDC Planning Department and individual response to planning applications, review and update of Council policies.
16. Grants to Local Organisations.
It was Noted, organisations receiving grants this year would use the money as follows:
a) Playing Field Trust – to continue purchase and running costs of new equipment.
b) St. Stephens – to retain levels of maintenance and one-off projects.
c) Friendly Club – enabling coach hire for annual non-drivers’ seaside trip.
d) Bowls Club – to relay paving in front of the green, as it is dangerous.
17. Footpaths. No comments.
18. Correspondence. Noted.
a) Ben Whyles, Agri-Linc (Previously Eastern Farm Implements Site)
b) Lalc News.
c) Resilient Communities Conference.
d) Playing Field, New Chair.
e) Lalc Annual Conference.
f) Councils Networking Day.
19. Date and time of next meeting 25 September 2018 at 7.30pm.
20. Chair announced the Meeting closed at 8.47pm