2018 March 27

Carlby Parish Council Page 1 Minutes 27.03.18
Chair: Vacant. Vice Chair: John Bavister.
Councillors: Ian Dair, Roger Easton, Benjamin Haines, Steve Markham, Isabel Robson.
Parish Clerk: Robin Morrison.
clerkcarlby@gmail.com 07944 054546
Carlby Parish Council, c/o Village Hall, High Street, Carlby, PE9 4LX.
Minutes of a Meeting held on
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 at 7.30 p.m. in Carlby Village Hall.
Draft Minutes - to be approved at next Meeting.
1. Record of members present.
Vice Chair; John Bavister (Meeting Chair)
Councillors; Ian Dair, Ben Haines, Steve Markham.
LCC Councillor; Bob Adams.
1 member of the public.
2. To Note apologies for absence.
Councillor; Isabel Robson.
3. Declarations of Pecuniary interests.
4. To Agree that the Minutes of the meeting held on 23 January 2018 are a true record.
5. Open Forum for members of the public in attendance.
Have there been any claims made against Highways because of unrepaired potholes on roads? (See report from Bob Adams in next item)
6. Reports from District and County Councillors.
Bob Adams: LCC Highways department is not managing to repair pot holes in roads within a reasonable time frame and has paid out over £200.000 in response to claims from road users during 2017/18. County Councillors are working hard to try and get a new system in place to rectify the situation.
7. Financial matters.
a. Cash book, Cash flow perspective, bank statement alignment sign-off. Agreed.
b. Review of online banking. It was Noted that 4 Councillors now have full access to online banking.
c. Sanction of payments as approval documentation dated 27.03.18. Agreed.
i. Clerk, Expenses for January and February £31.04.
ii. Hmrc, Clerk Tax for February, £33.60.
Carlby Parish Council Page 2 Minutes 27.03.18
iii. Lalc, Annual Subscription, £167.17.
iv. Northborough Parish Council, SLCC Membership share, £27.93.
v. Northborough Parish Council, Microsoft Office share, £18.01.
vi. John Bavister, TLC (Croydon) Security Cameras, £11.02.
vii. John Bavister, Lighting EVER Ltd, Security Light, £12.99.
8. Planning:
a. S17/2446, The Poplars 56 High Street, Barn Conversion. Permitted. Noted. b. S18/0409, Barbers Hill Farm, Carlby, Lawful Development Certificate Application. Noted. c. S18/0430, 5 Fenton Drive, Erection of Single Storey Front Extension and Single Storey Rear Extensions. Representation to be sent via the planning web page ‘comment on this application’ on the basis that Carlby policy is to always make representation as there is a VDS to consider applications by and a pending Neighbourhood plan to consider. The application is supported in position, size and layout. Pending suitable (and matching the existing) materials are used in its construction especially the front projection of the porch. Action – Clerk.
9. Neighbourhood plan update. Report by John Bavister: a. It was noted that Carlby awaits comment from SKDC re SEA screening and Habitat assessment. Frustration was aired over the continual delay and previous subjective comments from Planning officers. b. Quoting from the Gov. web page https://www.gov.uk/guidance/neighbourhood-planning--2 What should a local planning authority do to assist a qualifying body in considering the basic conditions? A local planning authority should provide constructive comments on the emerging neighbourhood plan proposal prior to submission and discuss the contents of any supporting documents, including the basic conditions statement. If a local planning authority considers that a draft neighbourhood plan may fall short of meeting one or more of the basic conditions they should discuss their concerns with the qualifying body in order that these can be considered before the draft neighbourhood plan is formally submitted to the local planning authority. When a draft neighbourhood plan is submitted to a local planning authority the authority is considering the draft plan against the statutory requirements set out in paragraph 6 of Schedule 4B of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended). A local planning authority has to be satisfied that a basic condition statement has been submitted but it is not required to consider whether the draft plan meets the basic conditions.
10. Regulatory Documents for 2018/19.
It was Noted that the full set of policies and regulations will be posted on the Council Website.
11. Asset Register review.
Items and values Agreed.
Replacement (Insured) Value of Assets: £16,387.
Carlby Parish Council Page 3 Minutes 27.03.18
12. Insurance review.
It was Agreed that the revised Asset Register would be included in the next insurance policy.
13. Dropbox, review of online storage.
Discussion about ways to protect online information and ways to improve security.
14. General Data Protection Regulation. Update by Clerk.
After attending a Nalc seminar and receiving a ‘Toolkit’. It is now possible to work towards full compliance of the new Regulation which becomes law on 25 May. It was Noted that a full audit of the Council’s processes will be carried out in good time.
15. Correspondence distributed: Noted.
a. SKDC, Parish Update.
b. PCSO Powers.
c. Lincs Alert, Protecting email accounts.
d. LCC, Highways Online Fault Reporting System Update.
e. Community Lincs Newsletter.
f. Lincs Alert, Fraudulent 'Government Grants.
g. Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter.
16. Speedwatch programme. (docs) Volunteers to be trained. It was questioned, who is the local coordinator? Carlby would like to register volunteers to be trained and find knowledge of hand held speed measuring device, type manufacture and cost estimate. Action – Clerk.
17. Target agreements 2018/19: Bi-Monthly review. As several items had been completed, it was Agreed to revise the list. Action – Ian Dair.
18. Bus Shelter painting: to discuss quotes. 3 quotations were discussed, and it was Agreed to appoint Matthew Pope to carry out the work at a cost of £540.00. Proposed by Steve Markham. Seconded by Ben Haines.
19. Commemorative Tree: Purchase of guard and plaque, to discuss quotes. The details of several tree guards were discussed, and it was Agreed to purchase a Titan Tree guard (black) manufactured by Black Country Metal Works at £143.99 inc vat plus £34.99 delivery.
It was also Agreed to decide on a plaque once the tree guard was in place. Proposed by John Bavister. Seconded by Steve Markham.
20. Archive Storage Box. Item carried over to next meeting
21. Dates of the meetings in 2018 to be on the fourth Tuesday in every second month:
January 23rd /March 27th /May 22nd /July 24th /Sept 25th /November 27th.
22. To agree Annual Meetings details.
The following arrangements were Agreed: Annual Village Meeting would commence at 7pm on 22 May and the Annual Parish Council Meeting would commence at around 7.30pm (to follow the Village Meeting) Invitation to Village meeting to be placed in Church News. Action – Ian Dair.
Carlby Parish Council Page 4 Minutes 27.03.18
Refreshments will be served between the 2 meetings.
Local organisations to be invited be invited. Action – Clerk.
23. Date of next meeting 22 May 2018.
24. The Meeting was closed at 10.07pm.