2020 October 06 Minutes

Minutes of CARLBY PARISH COUNCIL (CPC) via a Zoom link

Held on Tuesday, 6 October 2020 at 19:30



20/21-60 Chairman Welcome.           Cllr. John Bavister opened the meeting and welcomed all those who had dialled in.

20/21-61 Open Forum

a)A member of the public asked for comments from CPC on the planning application (items20/21-74 on this agenda).  There appears to be no issues with this application from neighbours or Planning Committee.  Comments responses have been extended to 17 Oct.  The member of public requested that CPC reply their no objections to SKDC.

20/21-62 Record of members who had dialled in via zoom link. 

Cllrs. Chair: John Bavister(JB) Vice-Chair: Steve Markham(SM), Ian Dair(ID), Benjamin Haines(BH), Isobel Robson(IR) and Angela Cardew(AC).  County Councillors Bob Adams and 3 members of the public.


20/21-63 To Note apologies for absence.  There were none.


20/21-64 Declarations of Pecuniary interests.  There were none.


To approve Minutes. 

20/21-65 Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 28 July 2020. A true and accurate copy present.  RESOLVED: Proposed: SM, Seconded: BH Agreed: JB,ID,IR,AC

20/21-66 Extraordinary Parish Council Minutes of 20 August 2020. A true and accurate copy present.  RESOLVED: Proposed: SM, Seconded: BH Agreed: JB,ID,IR,AC


20/21-67 To receive reports from District and County Councillors and the Police.

Cllr Adams reported on County and District matters.

  1. Conservative Associate have 7 applications for the vacant District seat.  The process has begun according to conservative rule book and it is hope that a candidate will be selected by early December for the May elections.
  2. Finance.  District and County are under obvious costs pressures with reserves being used for additional costs.  Government are supporting.  Planning for a county wide lockdown is underway.  Substantial loss of revenue of business rates with additional cost pressures for children in schools and adult care all presenting challenges.
  3. Bus passenger services.   Bus companies have considerable loss of revenue and additional costs for customising vehicles for providing onboard disability and new ticketing facilities.  LCC are supporting bus services with ticket machine installation but foresee a diminishing future service. 
  4. All villages suffer with curb parking in towns and residential areas.   Councils are lobbying government to allow fixed notice authority for issuing fines.  Consultation for this is coming to an end this month, then it is hope to proceed to legislation.  This will be easier to administer in towns and less so in villages.
  5. Highways.  The change to Belfour Beaty contractors has not been as smooth as hoped.  But LCC are working with contractors to improve quality and service.
  6. White paper on planning.   The government are pursing making planning consent quicker and easier to provide more housing.   LCC are fighting this as it will have a huge impact on local and neighbourhood plans in the county. 
  7. Reported that the outline planning of application S19/1483 had been approved with all reserved matters to the Planning Committee directly.   Cllr. Adams assured CPC that all matters with this regard would be scrutinised going forward.


Financial matters

20/21-68 To receive Financial Report for the period 01 April 2020 to 15 September 2020.   

RESOLVED: Proposed: AC, Seconded: IR, Agreed: JB, SM, BH, ID.


20/21-69 Grants for budgeting purposes.  The current budget had been updated by the clerk and circulated to CPC prior to the meeting.    Grant requests received and presented to the meeting were:

  1. Carlby Playing field.     Maintenance £ 1119.17.  Equipment and improvements £6822.40             Total grant £7941.57 requested.

Cllr. ID commented that the CPC had agreed to the responsibility of the maintenance and that any project would be met by fund raising. it was pointed out by Cllr. JB that this was during the period when the Playing field did not have a quorum of trusties.  Although the rewilding element does form part of the CPC biodiversity statement wishes.

Ruth Dickens was asked to give a background account of the grant application.   The newly formed Playing field committee of trustees (now being a quorum) have worked hard during this difficult and challenging time and have focused on improving facilities for all.  Raising funds has been difficult and grant applications are concentrating of covid-19 related funding.  The grant has been developed to benefit as many residents in the village as possible.   Projects and been balanced for as many residents as possible.  

Cllr. JB noted that so far there was a proposed sum of £2500 allocated in this year’s budget.


  1. St Stephen’s Church requested £1,500 toward a new WC toilet project.

The usual £1,200 for maintenance of path and churchyard had not been received so far.


  1. Carlby & District Bowls Club requested £250.00 for re seeding of the west side of the green.

The budget would be reviewed by Cllr JB, SM and the Clerk and presented to the next meeting. With the aim of knowing what level of precept needs to be requested.


To Approve Payments as follows:

20/21-70 clerks’ salary: following of the NALC SCP 23 pay scale increase.  to pay the Clerk in accordance with her contract and the SCP pay scale and to back date the new rate to April 2020: RESOLVED: Proposed: AC, Seconded: IR, Agreed: JB, SM, BH, ID.

20/21-71 S Gresty Qtr2 salary £538.93 RESOLVED: Proposed: AC, Seconded: IR, Agreed: JB, SM, BH, ID.

20/21-72 HMRC Qtr2 Tax/NIC £116.20 RESOLVED: Proposed: AC, Seconded: IR, Agreed: JB, SM, BH, ID.

20/21-73 Carlby Playfield Committee grant £2093.06.  The Clerk report that the cheque had been cashed in last years accounts.


20/21-74 Planning Application 

S20/1370 Proposal erection of replacement porch 28 Templeman Drive, Carlby PE9 4NQ.  It was noted that this application was received CPC had not submitted any objections to SKDC considering the request above and the extension date the Clerk was asked to send a no objections comment to SKDC.


20/21-75 Playing Field update.

Cllr. AC reported on recent works achieved

  • Installation of new benches
  • Repairs to goal mouths
  • Repairs and maintenance of overgrown trees around the tennis court
  • Installation of new tennis nets and basketball net
  • Installation of steppingstone, balance beam and seesaw
  • Preparation of wildflower areas
  • Organised clearance of grass cuttings

The Annual meeting will be held on 14th October.   It was noted that the Playing field and outdoor space had become a very important area for everyone in the village especially during the pandemic.


  1. Public space protection document.  SKDC reported we don’t have an enclosed playing field area.  This document covers dogs on leads when request and dog foaling by direction of officer.    Action:  Clerk to forward document to Cllr. AC to reregister Carlby in the scheme


2021-76 Village Green – Cllr. Isobel Robson reported no further news.   She had contacted the Secretary of Persimmons.  

Action:  Clerk to search of archived solicitors’ costs.


20/21-77 Combined Insurance update – Cllr. Isobel Robson no progress will pursue in the new year.


20/21-78 Speed Indicator Device (SID) update – Cllr. Steve Markham reported that the SID was now situation facing west by the village hall for the next 2 weeks.  They prove to be a good reminder to motorist. 

Action: SM and JB to pursue downloading data.


20/21-79 Promoting biodiversity update – Cllr. Ian Dair had previously circulated the CPC promoting Biodiversity statement of intent document and proposed its adoption.

RESOLVED – Proposed ID, Seconded BH agreed JB,SM,IR,AC


20/21-80 Conservation area.  Cllr. ID presented the background.  In 2006 ID suggested areas of Carlby to be designated a conservation area, a document was submitted to SKDC but the reply was returned ‘not sufficient quality’.     Recently JB met with Cllr Adams a few weeks ago, who asked why Carlby was not in the conservation area.

Action:  Cllrs. JB and ID to collate new documentation, photos and maps to present to the next meeting.


20/21-81 Website update

a)To make new website live and close existing site.link to the new web site under construction; https://carlby.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk/       RESOLVED: Proposed: JB, Seconded: SM, Agreed: BH,ID,IR,AC

b)Accessibility Statement proposed to adopt. RESOLVED: Proposed: JB, Seconded: SM, Agreed: BH,ID,IR,AC

c)Document Retention Policy proposed to adopt. RESOLVED: Proposed: JB, Seconded: SM, Agreed: BH,ID,IR,AC

20/21-82         Correspondence received since last meeting were noted from the agenda.


20/21-83         Items for future meetings

Preparation for Co-option of Councillor.  – Cllr JB and the Clerk were working on preparing an application pack for a potential co-option to CPC.


20/21-84         Date of next meetings 24 November 2020 at 7.30 pm venue TBC


21:00  Meeting closed