2018 November 27

Chair: John Bavister. Vice-Chair: Steve Markham.
Councillors: Ian Dair, Roger Easton, Benjamin Haines, Isabel Robson.
Parish Clerk: Robin Morrison.
clerkcarlby@gmail.com 07944 054546
Carlby Parish Council, c/o Village Hall, High Street, Carlby, PE9 4LX.
Minutes of a Meeting of Carlby Parish Council
Held on
Tuesday, 27 November 2018 at 7.30 p.m. in Carlby Village Hall.
1. To Note those present.
Chair: John Bavister.
Councillors: Roger Easton, Isabel Robson, Ian Dair.
County Councillor: Bob Adams.
Members of the Public: 2.
2. To Note apologies for absence.
Councillors: Steve Markham, Ben Haines.
Ward Councillor: Martin Wilkins.
3. Declarations of Pecuniary interests.
4. To Agree that the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 25 September 2018 are a true
Agreed and signed by the Chair.
5. Open Forum for members of the public in attendance.
6. Reports from District and County Councillors.
General Data Protection Regulation.
An important aspect of complying with GDPR is being open and transparent with individuals about how their personal
data will be used.
Carlby Parish Council will ensure that personal data shall be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner and
will be; Only collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes; Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary;
Accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date; Kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no
longer than is necessary; Processed in a manner that enables appropriate security of the personal data, including protection
against unauthorised or unlawful processing; Processed in accordance with an individual's rights; Kept in a
secure manner.
Carlby Parish Council 2 27/11/18
7. Financial matters.
a) To Approve Financial Report for the year 01 April 2018 to 31 October 2018.
b) To Note money received since last Meeting.
c) To Approve Payments as follows: Agreed.
i. Clerk Salary for September & October 2018, £268.38 (already paid)
ii. Clerk Overtime and Expenses for September & October 2018, £86.64
iii. Clerk Tax for September & October 2018, £75.00 (already paid)
d) Grants to Local Organisations. For 2019/20.
i. To receive Grant Applications.
It was Noted that applications had been received from Carlby Friendly Club
(£200) and Carlby Bowls Club (£250)
e) Budget: to Agree Budget and Precept Demand for 2019/20.
The Budget for 2019/20 was Agreed and this determined that a Precept demand of
£8,690.00 should be made to South Kesteven District Council.
8. Planning:
To Note the following applications:
a) S18/0962, 4 Templeman Drive, Single storey rear extension and installation of roof
lights to garage. Approved. Noted.
b) S18/2020, 46 High Street, Single storey extension to side and rear of kitchen.
It was Agreed to make the following comment to SKDC Planning Department:
Carlby Parish Council feel that it is important that any new materials match existing
finishes, particularly on front elevations.
The building work should conform to the Village Design Statement 2013.
SKDC's Economic Development Portfolio Holder has approved, with effect from the
26th June 2013, the Carlby Village Design Statement as a material planning
consideration in the determination of planning applications.
9. Neighbourhood plan update.
By John Bavister: The Inspector’s report of 9/11/18 had been received and SKDC had
requested a reply by 06/12/18. Currently the Plan was undergoing due diligence and a
discussion by the Parish Council on the Inspector’s amendments.
Carlby Parish Council 3 27/11/18
10. General Data Protection Regulation.
No Report.
11. Website.
No Report.
12. Correspondence List. Noted.
a) Parish Agreement Highway Verge Cutting 2019/20.
b) Emergency Text Alert System.
c) Red Cross, Everyday First Aid.
d) Grit Bins, Winter self-help scheme, extended deadline.
e) New funding for innovative projects to build stronger communities.
f) Remembrance Day decoration of Village Sign, request for funding.
In response, it was Agreed to provide £50.00 in the 2019/20 Budget.
g) Community Lincs, News Bulletin.
h) Lalc, Safeguarding conference 28/11/18.
i) Council vacancies 6 months before 2019 elections.
13. Closed Session, Agri-Linc clarification/discussion.
The Chair closed the Meeting and asked the public to leave the hall.
After a short conversation, the Chair declared the Meeting open again.
14. Date and time of next meeting 22 January 2019 at 7.30pm.
15. The Meeting was declared Closed at 8.50pm.