September 28 Parish Council Agenda


To: Chair: John Bavister. Vice-Chair: Pete Holland.Councillors: Ian Dair, Benjamin Haines, Angela Cardew, Sue Robinson and Liz King.

On Tuesday, 28 September 2021 commencing at 19:30

The business to be dealt with at the Meeting is listed below.

Parish Clerk:  Sarah Gresty 07718900848
Carlby Parish Council, c/o Village Hall, High Street, Carlby, PE9 4LX.           Posted: 20 September 2021


The public and media are cordially invited to join this meeting adhering to Government Covid-19 Guidelines  


21/22-53 Chairman Welcome
21/22-54 Open Forum for members of the public.
21/22-55 Record of members present.
21/22-56 To Note apologies for absence.
21/22-57 Councillors to declare Declarations of Pecuniary interests.
To approve Minutes.
a) Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 27 July 2021
b) Extra Ordinary Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 11 August 2021
21/22-59 To receive reports from District and County Councillors and the Police.
Financial matters
21/22-60 To receive Financial Report for the period 01 April to 30 August 2021
To Approve Payments as follows:
21/22-61 Parochial Church Council £694.48
21/22-62 HMRC Qtr 1 tax and NIC £131.20
21/22-63 LALC inv 11677 £27.00
21/22-64 S Gresty Qtr 2 Salary £524.91
21/22-65 HMRC Qtr 2 tax and NIC £131.20
21/22-66 Planning:  To resolve planning responses for:
a) S21/1707 Proposal: Erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension. Location: 29 Manor Road, Carlby, PE9 4LZ.
21/22-67 Playing Field update. Cllr. Angela Cardew
21/22-68 Local Listing - The Council to Resolve to write to owners and occupiers of old buildings, inviting comments on the proposal to include such buildings and their stone walls in a possible nomination for Local Heritage Listing.
21/22-69 Lincolnshire Riparian Project- update Cllr. Pete Holland
21/22-70 Consideration to take over the ownership of all the Persimmon land within the Templeman Drive estate.  open discussion for PC to consider taking ownership of the land with its risk and management of ownership including potential long term maintain costs
21/22-71 Queens Platinum Jubilee 2 June 2022 (beacon) Ideas required do we need a sub planning Group 
21/22-72 Targets 2021/22 To Resolve new CPC Targets for 2021/22.  - Cllr. Ian Dair
21/22-73 Councillor Training: To Resolve any training requeired for Councillors via LALC
21/22-74 Correspondence received since last meeting.  Please see list below 
21/22-75 Items for future meetings
21/22-76 Date of next meetings 2021:  Nov 23, 2022: Jan 23
TBC:  2022 18 January, 22 March, 26 April (parish meeting), 3 May, 26 July
27 September and 29 November
21/22-74 Correspondence received since the last meeting listed below:
19 Jul LALC Invoice
19 Jul Cllr Robins S20/1216 response
20 Jul LALC E news
22 Jul SLCC Membership
22 Jul RHIB Guide to new clerks and councillors
23 Jul CAB Stakeholder survey
23 Jul YMCA News July 21
23 Jul NALC CE bulletin
26 Jul SKDC Planning S21 1387 variation to planning
30 Jul LCC Tree planting for pc’s
30 Jul NACL CE bulletin
30 Jul LALC Tree planning for parish councils
2 Aug Ecogreen Litter and dog waste
3 Aug Stamford Arts Summers screenings
3 Aug LALC E news
4 Aug NALC newsletter
4 Aug TSG Publicity Bus service improvement plan
4 Aug LCC Road closure notice
5 Aug SKDC TPR notice T21/0011/TPPC1
6 Aug NALC CE bulletin
9 Aug LCC Floodrisk management partnership
10 Aug NALC Levelling up the environment biodiversity
10 Aug LALC E news
11 Aug NALC Rural housing more affordable
11 Aug Cllr Penny Robson Apologies
12 Aug YMCA Newsletter
13 Aug NALC CE bulleting
13 Aug Police Aug report
16 Aug Ecogreen Product news
16 Aug Lloyds Bank statements
17 Aug LALC E news
19 Aug Elancity Speed camera data
19 Aug NALC Event future communities
24 Aug LALC E news
25 Aug SKDC Planning S20/1759 decision notice
27Aug NALC CE bulletin
29 Aug Bob Adams Ccg agm
31 Aug LALC E news
31 Aug Planning S21/1707 application
1 Sept NALC Newsletter
2 Sept Resident Led street light complaint
3 Sept Planning S21 1707 confirmation of extension date
3 Sept NALC CE bulletin
7 Sept LALC E news
7 Sept LALC Annual report and AGM details
8 sept NALC Newsleter
9 Sept LCC Highways Traffic restriction notice
9 Sept CAB Stakeholders event 13 oct
9 Sept RBLI Remembrance shop