2021 August 11 - Extra Ordinary Parish Council


Minutes of an Extra Ordinary Parish Council meeting on

Wednesday 11 August 2021 commencing at 19:30

21/22-46 Chairman Welcome.  Cllr. John Bavister opened the meeting.
21/22-47 Open Forum.  No public were in attendance.
21/22-48 Present:  Cllrs. Chair: John Bavister,  Vice-Chair: Pete Holland, Ian Dair,  Angela Cardew, Liz King, Sue Robinson 0 members of the public and Sarah Gresty-Clerk
21/22-49 Apologies Cllrs. Benjamin Haines  and Penny Robins
21/22-50 Declarations of Pecuniary interests on items on the agenda. There were none
21/22-51 Planning:   Planning Application S21/1387 11 High Street. Proposal Section 73 variation of details reserved by condition 2 Approved Plans and condition 5 boundary hedgerow of planning application s20/1216 (Erection of two 2 bedroomed bungalows and demolition of an existing bungalow and garage).
When the SKDC Enforcement Officer visited the site after complaints received regarding the height of the installed fencing not conforming with the permission received.  He gave the developer the option to resubmit the application above.
The original application S20/1216 gave permission for a 0.9m high fence not the 1.8 m fence which has been erected.
Concerns Raised with regards to this fencing:
 Aesthetic of the fence in its height and bulk on the street scene is not in keeping with the village.
 Serious Highways Issues. Legal visual splay of the entrance on to the highway on to High Street does not comply with the Highways Act 1984 and the possible restriction of views when exiting The Avenue.
 Practicality of planting a hedge so close to a narrow footpath which is only 1.2m at its widest and consequent Health and safety issues
Comments made: Planning Officers are inconsistent with the use of the Highways Act 1984 in their decision making processes.
Proposal : to object to this planning application using the concerns above.
Proposed :Cllr. Bavister, Seconded Cllr. King and unanimously agreed.  - RESOLVED
Action: Cllr. Bavister to formulate a response for circulation via email before submission.
21/22-52 Trees:   As part of a LCC strategy to increase tree planting for submission of a bid to the Local Authority Treescapes Fund for free native trees.  
Proposal: To submit application for a number of trees upon request                
Proposed: Cllr Robinson, Seconded Cllr. King and unanimously in favour - RESOLVED
Action:  Chair/Clerk to submit application.
            Meeting Closed at 20:34