2021 July 27 - Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of the CARLBY PARISH COUNCIL (CPC) Meeting held on Tuesday, 
27 July 2021 at 19:30
21/22-25 Chairman Welcome.  Cllr. John Bavister opened the meeting and welcomed all who were present.
21/22-26 Open Forum. No members of the public were present.
21/22-27 Record of members present.  Cllrs. Chair: John Bavister (JB) Vice-Chair: Pete Holland (PH), Ian Dair (ID), Benjamin Haines (BH) and Sue Robinson (SR). Sarah Gresty Parish Clerk and Elizabeth King (LK).
21/22-28 Apologies for absence were receive from Cllr. Angela Cardew, Cllrs. Bob Adams and Cllr. Penny Robins.
21/22-29 Councillors to declare Declarations of Pecuniary interests.  There were none.
21/22-30 Co-option A Co-option application had been received from Elizabeth King.
Proposal: To co-opt Elizabeth King to the CPC
Voting P=Proposed S=Seconded F=For A=Against AB=Abstain    
 P  F    S   F   F          RESOLVED
 Liz was welcomed to the Parish Council.  Liz wants to get to know all the councillors and hopes to bring new ideas to the village and visit other PC meetings to see how they are run.
Cllr. JB informed Liz that Councillor Training was available and urged her and all to view planning meetings online to gain an understanding of how they are run.  
a) Parish Council Annual Meeting Minutes of 4 May 2021 were presented as a true and accurate record of events.
b) Annual Parish Meeting Minutes of 22 June 2021 were presented as a true and accurate record of events.
F   S    F   F    P            RESOLVED
21/22-32 To receive reports from District and County Councillors and the Police.
a) Welcome to Penny Robins our new District Councillor.   Unfortunately, apologies had been received by Cllr. Penny Robins.  She submitted the following report:
At District level, the most recent data of COVID shows the number of cases per 100,000 people over a seven-day period in South Kesteven had reached 259.8. Just over a month ago it was 38.6.
Since the very start of the pandemic, the health and wellbeing of staff, members and customers has remained a top priority of SKDC.
The Council have undertaken a planning review, it is independent, and the aim is to streamline the service and make it more efficient. The report should go to Cabinet in September.
There is a review of the Arts and Culture, again for the same reason.
Housing - The Housing regulator to which we self-referred, is very positive about the steps we are making within the whole housing team.
Communication between LCC and SKDC are underway, with the accent on finding a solution for the poor state of repairs at the Deeping Leisure centre.
The budget will be balanced this year, but there will not be a lot of surplus money so things will be tight and this has been caused generally by the COVID Pandemic.
Onto local issues, I have provided your chairman with an update on the SKDC owned bins. The Carlby Playing field Committee has been successful in securing the SKDC community fund award they applied for.
24 High Street, has been granted Planning permission. With regards to 11 High Street, I am working hard to make sure the new planning application received for the unsightly fence is either refused or an agreement reached with the developer that he returns the boundary to what was on the original planning permission. I will constantly monitor this and consultation from the public is bring sought on SKDC planning portal under S21/1387.
As you know our County Councillor Bob Adams is away from Council duties due to ill health. In the meantime , if there is any pressing County Issues, I can take these up on your behalf but channel them through another County Councillor.
Action: Clerk to make contact with PCSO.
Financial matters
21/22-33 To receive Financial Report for the period 01 April to 07 July 2021.
Opening Treasurers Bank Account £3,633.70
Plus Receipts £8,507.80
Less Payments £3,985.70
Bank Reconciliation £8,155.80
21/22-34 Additional signatures on Lloyds Bank.
Proposal: Additional online bank signatories of Cllrs. Sue Robinson & Pete Holland      
To Approve Payments as follows:
21/22-35 S Gresty Qtr 1 salary £524.91
21/22-36 HMRC Qtr 1 tax and NIC £131.20
21/22-37 BHIB Insurance £420.04
To Note Income
21/22-38 HMRC VAT Refund £38.80
Proposal: To accept All the financial matters above.
P    S   F   F   F    F        RESOLVED
21/22-39 Planning: updates
a) Agri-Linc EFI site on A6121.  Owner will be continuing with his Agri Linc business on this site and not pursuing a housing application.
This results in the loss of the opportunity for allotments and potential orchard.   
b) Vine house.  House sold STC and building plot to the rear has an offer on it STC.  The potential purchases of the building plot had recently met with the neighbouring properties owners.   Sight of the plans for the new dwelling will be circulated once submitted to SKDC Planning.
c) Plot next to 24 High St (Fenton cottage) There is a potential issue with drainage and shared driveway between the two owners, this is not an issue for planning.  The permission has now been approved and granted with a reduce ridge height and some windows repositioned.
Planning Application S21/1387 11 High Street. Proposal Section 73 variation of details reserved by condition 2 Approved Plans and condition 5 boundary hedgerow of planning application s20/1216 (Erection of two 2 bedroomed bungalows and demolition of an existing bungalow and garage). had been received by the Clerk on the day of this meeting.   An Extra Ordinary Parish Council meeting will be called by the Chairman to formulate a response on  Wednesday 11th August at 19:30 in the village hall.
21/22-40 Playing Field update. 
a) Crowd funding – it was thought that in excess of £4.5k had been raised.
b) Cycle track poll.  Clerk would report the final voting results to the Playing Field committee on 1st August 2021.
21/22-41 Conservation area update – Cllrs Dair
a) Cllr. Dair proposed to prepare a case for walls and buildings in Carlby to be Local Heritage Listed.   Local listing makes protection against planning system, within the National Planning Framework and is part of material consideration in the planning process.  Special consideration does not mean they are totally protected but would be given extra consideration when an application is received by a Planning Officer.
6 buildings in Carlby are listed nationally.   
Approx 15 buildings have Carlby ragstone in their buildings.   
Propose to draw up a draft survey for a few people to test before circulating wider within the village.
Proposed in September to deliver a survey to every householder.  Results could be presented at the November CPC meeting.  
Resolution: To resolve the project statement to classify and catalogue drystone walls and properties that were built from this rare Carlby Rag stone.
F   F    P   F   S    F     RESOLVED
Action: Cllr. Dair to pursue the survey with Cllrs. Holland and Robinson
Clerk to create a section on the website for Q&A 
b) To resolve the request to place a TPO on the false acacia tree on the corner of Vine House opposite the village hall.
F    P    F   S   F   F       RESOLVED
21/22-42 a) To resolve to request a full traffic survey on the west side of High Street
Action: c/f to next meeting.
c) Resolution to purchase from SKDC Three new Litter bins.
P   F    F   F    S    F     RESOLVED
21/22-43 Correspondence was noted from the agenda.
21/22-44 Items for future meetings
a) Queens Platinum Jubilee 2 June 2022 (beacon) Ideas required do we need a sub planning Group
b) Wifi for village hall
c) Asset checks
d) Housing stock issue for Cllr. Penny Robins
e) Parish Online mapping digital service.
f) To resolve to request a full traffic survey on the west side of High Street
21/22-45 Date of next meetings 2021: Sept 28, Nov 23, 2022: Jan 23
TBC:  2022 18 January, 22 March,  26 April (parish meeting), 3 May, 26 July
27 September and 29 November
Meeting Closed @ 21:31