2021 March 25 Parish Council Minutes


Minutes of Carlby Parish Council (CPC) meeting held via a Zoom link on Tuesday,

23 March 2021 commencing at 19:30

Agenda20/21-130           Chairman Welcome.  Cllr. John Bavister (JB) opened the meeting.

20/21-131           Open Forum.

Cllr. Steve Markham (SM) reported problems with smoke inhalation and damp in his house.  SKDC had fitted an air filtration unit in his loft to help with air circulation because of the damp. However, this is funnelling smoke from outside directly into his hallway.

SKDC had indicated that Carlby housing was to be a trial area for new heating systems but this had been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a large turnover of staff.

Action: More research into solving this problem is required and pressure on SKDC to provide a solution. SM does have a contact in the repairs team at SKDC.  c/f to next Parish Council Agenda.

20/21-132           Record of members present: Cllrs. Chair: John Bavister. Vice-Chair: Steve Markham. Ian Dair (ID), Angela Cardew (AC), Pete Holland (PH) and Ben Haines (BH). Sarah Gresty Parish Clerk and 1 member of the public.

20/21-133           Apologies for absence.  There were none.

20/21-134           Councillors to declare Declarations of Pecuniary interests.  There were none

To approve Minutes.     


a) Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 26 January 2021 were presented as a true and accurate recorded.

Voting procedure  P=proposer  S=Seconder   F=For  A=Against AB= Abstain

                              JB-F, SM-P, ID-S AC-F PH-F RESOLVED unanimously

b) Extra ordinary Parish Council Meeting 4 March 2021 were presented as a true and accurate recorded  JB-F, SM-P, ID-S AC-F PH-F RESOLVED unanimously    

20/21-136           Annual Meetings

a)4 May - Annual Parish Council Meeting via Zoom.

b)25 May cancelled and rescheduled as Annual Parish Meeting on 22 June 2021 in the village hall.

JB-P, SM-F, ID-F AC-F PH-S RESOLVED unanimously

20/21-137           District and County Councillors and the Police. There were no reports.

Financial matters

20/21-138           To receive Clerk’s Financial Report for the period 26 January 2021-1 February 2021

                              Balance c/f from 2019/20                                                2994.41

                              Plus uncash cheque                                                        2093.03

                              @ 15/3/2021      Plus Total Income                                 8514.16

                                                            Less Total Expenditure                      8818.56

                              TOTAL AVAILABLE FUNDS @ Bank                             £4783.04

To Approve Payments as follows:

20/21-139           S Gresty Clerk salary Qtr 4

20/21-140           HMRC tax and NIC Qtr 4

20/21-141           Clerk expenses Nov-Mar 21 £125.15

20/21-142           LALC membership 2021/22 £159.55

20/21-143           Microsoft 365 annual Subscription £59.99

20/21-144           Clerks overtime due of 30 hours created by work on new website and covid-19 related legislation and 7 hours holiday not taken = total of 37 hours.

 Cllr. John Bavister proposed the acceptance of all financial matters, with the proviso that the Clerk checked with HMRC that payment of her holiday pay was correct.

                           JB-P, SM-S, ID-F AC-F PH-F RESOLVED unanimously

Action: Clerk to consult with HMRC with regards to the 7 hours holiday entitlement and report back at next meeting

20/21-145           Co-option of Sue Robinson.  The Clerk had circulated Sue’s co-option application form prior to the meeting.  Sue introduced herself and gave her background, having lived in the village for 1 year wanted to become involved in village life, interested in planning issues

JB Proposed the co-option of Sue Robinson to the Parish Council      JB-P, SM-F, ID-F, AC-S, PH-F, BH-S RESOLVED unanimously

Sue signed the Declaration of acceptance on screen for all to witness.  The Parish Council welcomed her to the team.

Action: Clerk to arranged collect of Declaration of acceptance and pecuniary interests forms.

20/21-146           Playing fields update.  Cllr. Angela Cardew gave a brief report on recent tasks performed by the Playing Field Committee following a meeting on 10 February.  The Committee Treasurer Ruth is currently working on a 3 year budget. The final tree planting had taken place on the rewilding areas.  Grants are being researched for further equipment.

A spring clean of equipment and tennis courts will be undertaken in the near future.

Outstanding items - steps at side of tennis court.

a)Resolution to adopt the Memorandum of Understanding between Carlby Playing Field Committee and CPC     

Cllr. JB thanked Cllr. IC for drafting this document which was circulated prior to the meeting.This document will give stability to the funding of the playing field.

Cllr. JB Proposed the adoption of this document, which will then be presented at the next Play field Committee meeting for their input and comments.Once comments have been agreed a final document would be drawn up for both parties to sign.

JB-P, SM-F, ID-S, AC-F, PH-S, BH-F, SR-F RESOLVED unanimously

Action: once feedback received from Playing field committee, final document to be drawn up by Clerk for signature from both parties.

20/21-147           Planning:  

  1. Updates of recent and current planning applications was given by Cllr. JB
  1. Application Ref: S20/2202.  JB had spoken with neighbours.  Application now approved by delegated powers or the Planning Officers at SKDC.
  2. Application Ref: S20/1795. A planning meeting took place on site about a week ago.  The application was deferred due to scale of proposal and an inaccurate drawing which had been submitted.  The proposed house was felt to be too dominant and overbearing to the neighbouring cottage.   The Applicant’s Agent will work on a more suitable design.   The Applicant is entitled to go to appeal.  




  1. Application Ref: S21/0281 since the Extra Ordinary CPC meeting on 4 March, revised drawing had been submitted.  It was commented upon that the new wall being rebuilt at the entrance was looking good.


  1. SKDC calls for sites – location of information?  Cllr. JB proposed to hold an internal planning forum for councillors to give background information on the Carlby Neighbourhood plan and other issues, for the new councillors and a refresher for all Councillors.  TBC.


20/21-148           Conservation

A)Area update   It was noted that SKDC are advertising for a more permanent officer.

Cllr. ID gave an overview.There are 8 listed buildings in Carlby village and several more pre 1900c.Previously he had asked SKDC to consider putting Carlby village into a conservation area.However, SKDC did not perceive there to be enough to warrant this.Due to the Covid-19 issues,SKDC Officers are not available to pursue this further at present.Meanwhile Cllr. ID is pursing item b) below.

B)Locally Listed Heritage Assets - Carlby ragstone walls.   Cllr. ID is undertaking identification of all the ragstone walls in the village, which are unique in character and fit well with Local Heritage Assets.  He proposed to write to Historic England asking for advice and what evidence is required get them registered as heritage assets.

JB-F, SM-S, ID-P, AC-F, PH-S, BH-F, SR-F RESOLVED unanimously

20/21-149           Communications

A)Councillor Email address’ – update Cllr. Ben Haines

After the Clerk had drawn attention to Councillors that using emails combined for council and personal use, was not good practice.Cllr. Ben Haines did some research into costs of councillor individual emails.Costs were £3.5-5 per person per month.Another option was for Councillor’s to have a free email dedicated to councillor use only.  On balance everyone unanimously agreed they want to stay with what they have at present.

B)Mailchimp Newsletter.  A newsletter to be assembled by Cllrs. JB and BH with narrative from all topics to include:

New Website

Mobile Post office visiting

Co-option of new Councillors

Annual Parish meetings

Action: Mailchimp to be circulated asap.

20/21-150           Asset Inspection – Cllrs Pete Holland.

After an inspection of assets Cllr Pete Holland proposed the provision of extra waste bins near Farrier Way and Bourne bus shelter.

JB-F, SM-F, ID-F, AC-F, PH-P, BH-F, SR-S RESOLVED unanimously


Action: Clerk to contact SKDC and request 2 extra bins.

20/21-151           Correspondence was noted from the agenda.

20/21-152           Items for future meetings. None other than shown above

20/21-153           Date of next meetings 2021:  May 4 CPC Annual meeting via zoom link In the Village Hall :  June 22 Annual Parish, July 27, Sept 28, Nov 23, 2022: Jan 25