2021 May 04 Annual Parish Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Carlby Parish Council (CPC) held on

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 @ 19:30 via a Zoom link.


21/22-1 Election of Chairman.  Cllr. Ben Haines (BH) proposed that Cllr. John Bavister (JB) remains as chair for a further year.   Seconded by Cllr. Angela Cardew (AC) and unanimously RESOLVED.

a) JB accepted the nomination for a further year and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


21/22-2                 Election of Vice-Chair.  Cllr Peter Holland (PH) offered himself as Vice Chair, Proposed by Cllrs. Steve Markham (SM), Seconded by Cllr. AC. Unanimously RESOLVED. 

a) PH accepted the nomination and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


21/22-3                 Record of members Present.  Cllrs. Chair: John Bavister(JB), Steve Markham(SM), Ian Dair(ID), Benjamin Haines(BH), Angela Cardew(AC), Pete Holland(PH) elected Vice Chair and Sue Robinson(SR).   Sarah Gresty Parish Clerk and 1 members of the public.

21/22-4                 Apologies for absence. There were none.

21/22-5                 Declarations of Pecuniary interests in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011. There were none.

21/22-6  Open Forum – There were none.

21/22-7                 Minutes held on 23 March 2021 were presented as a true and accurate record of events and RESOLVED.

Voting procedures P=proposer S=Seconder F=For A=Against AB=Abstain


F    F    F   P   S   F     F


21/22-8 Matters arising from Minutes.

Manor Road smoke issue.Cllr. SM has received confirmation that SKDC intend to sort problems before autumn 2021.CPC will monitor this.


21/22-9 Reports from District and County Councillors. There were no reports.


Financial matters.Financial reports were presented to the meeting as follows:

21/22-10 Financial Report for the year 01 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. 

21/22-11 Declaration of Exemption from Limited Assurance Review.

21/22-12 Annual Governance Statement 2020/21 (AGAR)

21/22-13 Dates for the Exercise of Public Rights of Inspection of 2020/21 Accounts to be Monday 14 June – Friday 23 July 2021.

21/22-14 Insurance provision commencing 01 June 2021.  Quotations had been received from RHIB Insurance- £420.04 and Came & Co-£558.44 (existing insurers).  Quotes were based on a 3 year term.  The Clerk had gone back to Came & Co to see if they could match quote but at the time of this meeting had not heard back.   Proposal : To accept RHIB quotation over 3 year period unless Came & Co come back with an alternative competitive quote and an Extra Ordinary meeting will be called by the chair to resolve the matter.

21/22-15 Assets Register to 31 March 2021.

21/22-16 Payments i) LALC Annual Subs 21/22 £159.55

21/22-17 Receipts i) SKDC Precept £8469

Proposal to accept all financial matter above (21/22-10 – 21/22-17):




F    F    F   P   F   F     S

Regulatory Documents (copies of all regulatory documents can be found on the Parish Council Website) The following documents had been reviewed.  Action: Clerk to change Cllr names in the Grants policy.    

21/22-18 Standing Orders – It was noted that after the recent High Court Judgement for remote meetings to cease and public meetings to return to face to face after 7 May, CPC’s Standing Orders will  require amendment after this date.  Action: Clerk to prepare amended Standing Orders for circulation.

21/22-19 Financial RegulatioN


  1. policies:  
    1. Health and Safety
    2. Freedom of Information
    3. Expenses
    4. Equal Opportunities             Proposal to adopt all documents (21/22-18 - 21/22-20)
    5. Grievance
    6. Data Protection
    7. Document Retention
    8. Grants 


P    F    F   F   F   S     F

21/22-21  Planning: 

  1. New elevation plans had been submitted and reviewed for Application S21/0281 - Chestnuts Barn, Carlby alongside a report from the Planning Officer.  Application of this case will be heard on 12 May by the Planning Committee in Council Chambers.


21/22-22Grants are based using Local Government Act 1972 S.137 (2020/21 calculation of 414 electoral residents X £8.32 per head as the maximum grantable expenditure in this fiscal year)

 i) Grant Request from Carlby & District Bowls Club £250.  Proposal to grant funds.


P    S    F   F   F   F     F         RESOLVED




  1. Grant Request Carlby Playing Fields Committee (CPFC) received being £7941.57 recorded application.  The Memorandum of Understanding had been accepted by CPFC.  Proposal for CPC to sign this document and arrange signature from CPFC for the commitment of £2,500 over the next 3 years. 


P    F   F   F   F   S     F         RESOLVED




William Halford gave a presentation of plans for a small dirt bike track idea for the playing field.  Using the 12-meter-wide strip along the southern edge of the playing field behind the goal posts.  Jumps would be modelled out of soil and designed so as other park users would not be infringed upon.  The field perimeter would be unimpeded.    Although the site is small, if well designed could be a great addition for local children.  The design element would be paramount to address any safety issues anyone might have and would be monitored well in its early stages.    Insurance cover for public liability is in place.   If the project did fail the jumps are easily removed and reinstated back.  CPC supported this project.


        iii) Grant Requests Friends of St Stephens Church £1,200 towards maintenance of churchyard and trees and A further request of £1,500 toward installing of water and WC cubicle.  

Proposal to support the maintenance of the churchyard and trees grant, however under s.137 only £694.48 could be met from CPC fund in this financial year.


P    F   F   F   F   S     F         RESOLVED


21/22-23 Correspondence.  These were noted from the agenda.

21/22-24 Date of next meetings at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall:  22 June Annual Parish Meeting, 27 July, 28 September, 23 November and 25 January 2022.                         


Meeting closedat 21:00