2021 March 04 - Extra Ordinary Parish Council meeting


Minutes of an Extra Ordinary Parish Council meeting on Thursday, 4 March 20210 commencing at 7pm via zoom link



20/21-124       Chairman Welcome. Cllr John Bavister opened the meeting.

20/21-125       Open Forum

a)The Agent of the applicant of agenda item 20/21-129 below gave an overview of planning application S21/0281. Having had the first application refused this further application address’ the issues raised in the original proposal by SKDC, Carlby Parish Council and the Inspectorate, with regards to height and scale and is now a single storey proposal and better reflects the village western style of the village approach.


20/21-126       Record of members  Cllrs. Chair: John Bavister,  Vice-Chair: Steve Markham, Ian Dair, and Pete Holland.  Sarah Gresty Clerk and 1 member of the public.

20/21-127       To Note apologies for absence. There were none.

20/21-128       Declarations of Pecuniary interests.  There were none.


                        Planning:   To Note the following applications:

20/21-129       Application Proposal: S21/0281 Demolition of existing rear win and erection of single storey rear extension at Chestnuts Barn, 62 High Street, Carlby PE9LX. Cllr. Bavister showed the plans noting 160% increase in floor area of this extension.

Proposal for reply:     By virtue  of  the  scale (160% greater foot print than existing dwelling) and  design non agricultural)  the  proposal  would  impede  and change  views  and  green  space on  the  entrance to the  west  of  Carlby  and  would therefore result in harm to the character and appearance of the village. The proposal is therefore contrary to the NPPF Section 12, Policies of the South Kesteven Local plan and policy V.2. of the Carlby Neighbourhood Development Plan which seek to prevent harm to the character and appearance of the area

Proposed submitting this wording as comments from CPC Cllr. J Bavister, Seconded Steve Markham, Voted Cllr. Ian Dair-For, Cllr. Pete Holland – For.    Unanimously RESOLVED


                                                            Meeting closed at 19:23