2022 September 14 Parish Council Meeting

To: Cllrs. John Bavister (Chair), Cllr. Pete Holland (Vice Chair), Ian Dair, Angela Cardew, Sue Robinson and Ben Haines 

You are summoned to the Carlby Parish Council meeting to be held on

WEDNESDAY 14 September 2022 at 19:30 @ The Village Hall

The business to be dealt with at the Meeting is listed below.

Sarah Gresty  Clerk to the Council – 6/10/2022
The public and media are cordially invited to join this meeting                                             
22/23-71 Chairman’s Welcome and opening remarks
22/23-72 Open Forum for members of the public.
22/23-73 Record members present
22/23-74 Apologies: to receive any apologies for absence and reasons given.
22/23-75 Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests: To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any requests for dispensations in respect of disclosable pecuniary interests’
22/23-76 To approve Minutes
i. 26 July 2022 Parish Council meeting
22/23-77 Co-option of New Councillor.   To receive application(s) and to resolve decision of vacant seat. 
22/23-78 ‘What practical actions Sustainable Carlby could be taken.  – Cllr. Pete Holland
22/23-79 To receive reports from 
a)County and District Councillors 
b)Police – police report circulated prior to agenda and available on website.
22/23-80 Emergency Plan.  To discuss and resolves its future 
Proposal 1: To disband the emergency plan and to sell off the unused equipment.
Proposal 2: To upgrade the emergency plan contents and to set up continued maintenance/service thereof.
22/23-81 Persimmon Land.  To receive update.
22/23-82 Dog Fouling Campaign update.  – Cllr. S Robinson
22/23-83 Bus shelters to discuss possible replacement/refurbishment of the 2 village bus shelters.
Finance  Matters:
22/23-84 To receive Financial Report for the period 01 April – 30 August 2022 with bank statements
To Note Payments
22/23-85 S Gresty Clerk Salary Qtr 2 £608.56
22/23-86 HMRC Tax and NIC Qtr 2 payment £152.20
22/23-87 J Bavister – expenses Screwfix cable ties £14.54
To Note Income – There was none.
22/23-88 Planning. To note any applications received since last meeting
22/23-89 Correspondence received from last meeting.  Listed below
22/23-90 Items for Future meetings
Date of future meetings at 19:30 in the Village Hall
2022: 15 November(budget Setting meeting)   2023: 17 Jan, 21 Mar. 17 May, 18 Jul, Wed 13 September,      21 Nov 
Correspondence received from last meeting.  
20 Jul Police Safer together newsletter
21 Jul LCC Publicity Team Bus service revision
21 Jul LCC Communication and media survey
27Jul LCC Freedom Never gets old free bus
29 ul LALC Training confirmation
5 Aug Safer together Neighbourhood priority setting
9 Aug LALC Civility and respect pledge
10 Aug Doris Johnson Pepe parrot poster
12 Aug LCC Traffic notice TTR001225
17 Aug Resident Co option enquiry
17 Aug Anglian Water 2 new reservoirs
22 Aug SKDC Gambling statement survey
23 Aug SAAA.co. Opt out audit process 2023/24s
30 Aug LCC Highways TRO TTR001487
5 Sept LCC GHA Good home alliance