2022 November 15 - Parish Council Meeting

To: Cllrs. John Bavister (Chair), Cllr. Pete Holland (Vice Chair), Ian Dair, 
Angela Cardew, Sue Robinson, Ben Haines & Lesley Sweeting
You are summoned to the Carlby Parish Council (CPC) meeting to be held on
15 November 2022 at 19:30 @ The Village Hall
The business to be dealt with at the Meeting is listed below.
Sarah Gresty  Clerk to the Council – 8/11/2022
The public and media are cordially invited to join this meeting     
22/23-91 Chairman’s Welcome and opening remarks
22/23-92 Open Forum for members of the public.
22/23-93 Record members present
22/23-94 Apologies: to receive any apologies for absence and reasons given.
22/23-95 Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests: To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any requests for dispensations in respect of disclosable pecuniary interests’
22/23-96 To approve Minutes
i. 14 September 2022 Parish Council meeting
22/23-97 To receive reports from 
a)County and District Councillors 
b)Police –  reports and newsletters when received are available on the website.
i) LCC Police Priority Setting Meeting Feedback.
22/23-98 Persimmon Land.  To receive update.
22/23-99 Dog Fouling Campaign update. 
22/23-100 Bus shelters to receive an update of grants available against costs of repair.
22/23-101 Flag Pole for the village.  To receive, consider and resolve information.
22/23-102 Targets for 2022/23 – To Review.
22/23-103 Civility & Respect Pledge and Revised Code of Conduct
To consider and resolve CPC adoption of the upgraded Code of Conduct and signing of the National Association of Local Council’s Civility and Respect Pledge.  These documents can be found in draft form on the Website Council Page Regulatory Documents/Governance Document.
i)  Adopt the Code of Conduct.  
Finance  Matters:
22/23-104 To receive Financial Report for the period 01 April – 30 Sept 2022 with bank statements
22/23-105 National Salary Award – National Association of Local Councils.  On 2nd November confirmation of the pay award .  Clerk Pay scale 23 £15.67.   To resolve the pay and back pay awarded.
22/23-106 To receive Grant applications from:
Carlby Bowls Club £250
Carlby Playing Field Committee £2,615
PCC Carlby Parish £1,500
22/23-107 To receive and consider Draft Budget Proposal for 2023/24 precept request.
To Note Payments
22/23-108 S Gresty Clerk Salary Qtr 2 £608.56
22/23-109 HMRC Tax and NIC Qtr 2 £152.20
22/23-110 Normanton Screen print inv 13278 dog signs £278.94
22/23-111 S Robinson – expenses Condolence book £22.90
22/23-112 LALC Cllr. training £23
22/23-113 S Robinson – expenses book vouchers £30
22/23-114 ICO annual subscription £35
22/23-115 S Gresty Clerk half year expenses £194.4
22/23-116 Carlby Village Hall room hire inv 32 £80
22/23-117 S Robinson – travel expenses £39.15
22/23-118 LALC – inv 12928/12971 £51.6
22/23-119 Planning. To note any applications received since last meeting
 s22/1974 32 High Street – Response given to SKCC Planning
 s22/2030 Glebe Farm Holywell road – Commercial unit solar panels
22/23-120 Correspondence received from last meeting.  Listed below on page 3
22/23-121 Items for Future meetings
Sustainable Carlby update
Date of future meetings at 19:30 in the Village Hall
Annual Parish Meeting date.   To fix a date between 1 Apr-1 June 2023
2023: 17 Jan, 21 Mar. 17 May, 18 Jul, Wed 13 September,      21 Nov 
Correspondence received from last meeting.  
6 Aug ACR computers ESET infoice
6 Aug Anglian Water Webinar invite reservoir 
8 Aug Normanton screen print Invoice B&B signs
8 Aug Lincs Police Priority meeting response
9 Aug SKDC Planning S22 0963 decision notice
14 Sept LCC Electoral Polling stations review
14 Sept Anglian Water New reservoirs
16 Sept MPSF Notification of onsite surveys
20 Sept Police Newsletter
23 Sept SKDC Proposed council tax support scheme
23 Sept Resident Planning enquiry
27 Sept Barrie Church Lakeside surgery update
3 Oct Welmedical Ipad sp1 recall
4 Oct ICO Dd payment notification
6 Oct LALC Annual report
10 Oct TSG Lincs bus services updated
11 Oct LALC Cost of Living Challenge
11 Oct Lloyds Bank Bank statement 30/9/22
11 Oct Carlby village hall Invoice room hire
12 Oct SKDC Planning Application s22/1974
13 Oct Sue Robinson Expenses claim
13 Oct Resident Motorbikes on footpath concern
17 Oct Safer Together Newsletter
18 Oct E Massey Treescape replacement trees
20 Oct SKDC Planning Local development scheme
24 Oct CAB Funding request
25 Oct YMCA Newsletter
26 Oct SKDC Planning S22 2030 application
26 Oct SKDC Democracy Election costs confirmation
27 Oct Playing field Grant applications
31 Oct Cometostich Poster
31 Oct SKDC Cost of living support
1 Nov Police Survey for views

Supporting documents for this meeting can be found on in the links provided or on the Council Page of this website.  If you require them in a different format please contact the Clerk – Sarah Gresty   Tel: 07718900848    Email: clerkcarlby@gmail.com