January 18 - Parish Council Meeting


To: Chair: John Bavister. Vice-Chair: Pete Holland.

Councillors: Ian Dair, Benjamin Haines, Angela Cardew & Sue Robinson.

You are summoned to a meeting on Tuesday, 18 January 2022 commencing at 19:30

The business to be dealt with at the Meeting is listed below.



Parish Clerk:  Sarah Gresty

clerkcarlby@gmail.com 07718900848

Carlby Parish Council, c/o Village Hall, High Street, Carlby, PE9 4LX.           Posted:  11 Jan 22


The public and media are cordially invited to join this meeting adhering to Government Covid-19 Guidelines Please ensure masks are warn.


21/22-94         Chairman Welcome

21/22-95         Open Forum for members of the public.

21/22-96         Record of members present.

21/22-97         To Note apologies for absence.

21/22-98         Councillors to declare Declarations of Pecuniary interests.

To approve Minutes. 

21/22-99         a) Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 23 November 2022

21/22-100       To receive reports from District and County Councillors and the Police.

21/22-101        Coption of councillor to vacant Seat


Financial matters

21/22-102       To receive Financial Report for the period 01 April to 31 December 2021

21/22-103       To Resolve the 3 year rolling budget for 2022/23 and 2022/23 Precept of £9018 a 6.48% increase. 


To Approve Payments as follows:

21/22-104       S Gresty – Clerk salary Qtr 3

21/22-105       HMRC Qtr 3 Tax and Nic payment

21/22-106       Parish Council Laptop.   To receive quotations for system cleaning existing laptop and replacement of laptop for a new one


21/22-107       Complaints Policy.  Resolution to adopt policy.

21/22-108       Conservation area update on Local listing Report – Cllrs Dair

21/22-109       Playing Field update. – Cllr Angela Cardew

21/22-110       ‘what practical actions Sustainable Carlby could we take’.  Cllr. Pete Holland

21/22-111       Planning: To receive applications since the last meeting.

21/22-112       Taking over the ownership of the Persimmons land within the Templeman Dive  estate update. 

21/22-113       Queens Platinum Jubilee 2-5th June 2022-update

  1. remembrance tree order
  2. Remembrance Mug order

21/22-113        Correspondence received sincer last meeting.  Please see list below

21/22-114       Items for future meetings





Date of next meetings 22 March, 26 April (parish meeting), 3 May, 26 July, 27 September and 29 November




21/22-112    Correspondence received since the last meeting listed below:

5 Nov


Remembrance day security message

5 Nov


Precept 22-23 request documents

5 Nov


Response to engage

8 Nov


Confirmation on CVPF conveyance

9 Nov


Police and crime precept survey

10 Nov


Queens green canopy project

11 Nov


Conference bursary 17 Nov

11 Nov



11 Nov

Greatford PC

Mallard Pass meeting 2 Dec

12 Nov


Traffic restrictions

12 Nov

Liz King

Resignation from PC

14 Nov

Greatford PC

Minutes of meeting

15 Nov


Listing reply

17 Nov

Penny Robins

Dealth of Cllr Bob Adams

18 Nov

Barrie Church

NHS public consultation

19 Nov



19 Nov

Adrian Forsell

Solar energy data

23 Nov


Treescape scheme self planting letter

23 Nov


Local listing reply

7 Dec


Local listing reply

8 Dec

SKDC Planning

S21 2065 decision notice

8 Dec


Local listing reply

10 Dec


Op Rudolph

16 Dec

Cllr Reid

Flood prevention correspondence