2022 July 26 Parish Council Meeting

To: Cllrs. John Bavister (Chair), Cllr. Pete Holland (Vice Chair), Ian Dair, Angela Cardew, Sue Robinson

and Ben Haines

You are summoned to the Carlby Parish Council meeting to be held on

26 July 2022 at 19:30 @ The Village Hall

The business to be dealt with at the Meeting is listed below.

Sarah Gresty  Clerk to the Council – 18/07/2022

The public and media are cordially invited to join this meeting                                             


22/23-43             Chairman’s Welcome and Thank you for all those who helped in the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

  1. Donations of £21 – Garden Party
  2. All left over drinks and flute glasses donated to village hall


22/23-44             Open Forum for members of the public.


22/23-45             Record members present


22/23-46             Apologies: to receive any apologies for absence and reasons given.

22/23-47             Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests: To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any requests for dispensations in respect of disclosable pecuniary interests’


22/23-48             To approve Minutes

i.03 May 2022 Annual Parish Council Meeting

ii.26 April 2022 Annual Parish Meeting


22/23-49             ‘What practical actions Sustainable Carlby could be take


22/23-50             To receive reports from: 

a)County and District Councillors  

b)Police – police report circulated prior to agenda and available on website.


22/23-51             To Discuss Neighbourhood Policing ways to better communicate community issues for Priority.


22/23-52             Mallard Pass Solar Farm.  Parish Council response.


22/23-53             Persimmon Land transfer update Report


22/23-54             Emergency Plan.  To discuss and resolves its future

22/23-55             Bins & potential positioning of the 5th bin

a.The Little Clean Team


Finance  Matters:

22/23-56             To received Financial Report for the period 01 April – 30 June 2022

To Note Payments

22/23-57             Mallard Pass Action Group £100

22/23-58             B Haines – Jubilee expenses £29.81

22/23-59             The Sign Maker inv 2205SE036 £118.58

22/23-60             J Bavister – Jubilee expenses £600.45

22/23-61             S Robinson – Jubilee expenses £99.39

22/23-62             S Gresty Clerk Qtr 1 Salary £608.76

22/23-63             HMRC Qtr 1 Tax and NIC £152

22/23-64             SKDC inv 0120258 3 x litter bins £766.67

22/23-65             Carlby Bowls Club £250.00

22/23-66             PCC Carlby £695.00

To Note Income

22/23-67             HMRC VAT refund £223.31


22/23-68             Planning. To note any applications received since last meeting

22/23-69             Correspondence received from last meeting.  Listed below

22/23-70             Items for Future meetings

a. Bus shelters to pursue replacement/refurbishment


Date of future meetings:  2022:, 14 September, 15 November at 19:30 in the Village Hall   2023: 17 Jan, 21 Mar. 17 May, 18 Jul, Wed 13 September, 21 Nov



Correspondence received from last meeting.  – see attached pages below


28 Apr


Resettlement of Ukrainian Refugees

8 May


Pcso newsletter

9 May



9 May

Sign Maker

Tree sign proof

10 May


GP website dev. Engagement

11 May


Webinar and public consultation

12 May

SKDC Planning

S22/0247 decision

12 May


Acknowledgement of email

17 May

Greatford Flood Risk


6 Jun

J Bavister

Jubilee expenses

6 Jun

Sue Robinson

Jubilee expenses

7 Jun

Sue Cork

Come to stitch poster

8 Jun


Renewal confirmation

13 Jun


Audit exemption confirmation

18 Jun


June report

20 Jun


Update on consultation

22 Jun

YMCA Lincs

June news

28 Jun


Mineral and waste local plan

28 Jun


Supporter day event

7 Jul


Big clean campaign

12 Jul

LCC Highways

Temporary road closure

15 Jul


Strong voices project