2022 May 03 Annual Parish Council Meeting

To: Cllrs. John Bavister (Chair), Cllr. Pete Holland (Vice Chair), Ian Dair, Angela Cardew, Sue Robinson

and Ben Haines

You are summoned to the Annual Meeting of Carlby Parish Council on

03 May 2022 at 19:30 @ The Village Hall



Sarah Gresty  Clerk to the Council – 25 April 2022


22/23-01             Election of Chairman

a) Signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office


22/23-02             Election of Vice Chairman

a) Signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

b) Confirmation of Parish Councillors


22/23-03             Apologies: to receive any apologies for absence and reasons given.

22/23-04             Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests: To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any requests for dispensations in respect of disclosable pecuniary interests’

22/23-05             Adjournment for Open Forum

22/23-06             Chairman’s formally opens meeting

22/23/07             Minutes: To approve the minutes of:

  1. 22 March 2022 Parish Council Meeting
  2. 26 April 2022 Parish Meeting

21/22-08             Review of current Regulatory Documents

  1. Standing Orders
  2. Financial Regulations
  3. Fixed Asset Register
  4. Code of Conduct
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. All Policies reviewed by Parish Councillors

22/23-09             To note insurance provision from 1 June 2022 continuation of 3 year agreement RHIB (2nd year) £420.04


                              Finance  To Resolve acceptance of the following:

22/23-10             Internal Audit Report for Financial Year 2021/22

22/23-11             Annual Governance Statement 2021/22(AGAR) to accept and sign.

22/23-12             Dates for the exercise of public rights of inspection of 2021/22 accounts Monday 13 June-Friday 22 July 2022

22/23-13             Audit procedures for 2022/23

22/23-14             To confirm salary scales for Clerk SCP 23 £14.61 per hour 4 hrs per week

22/23-15             To confirm budgetary authorise payments via Bacs, Salary and HMRC, direct debits already in place, Insurance, staff and councillor expenses if these fall between meeting dates.

22/23-16             Current Year 2022-23

a)Clerks Report 1 Apr 2022 – to 31 Apr 2022

b)Payments for authorisation

c)LALC membership £160.45

d)Annual Parish flyers – Sue Robinson expenses £23.03

e)NSP inv 13025 dog fouling signs £167.94

f)BHIB insurance inv 642830 £420.04

g) Carlby Playing Fields - grant £2,500

To Note Income

a)SKDC precept £9018.00       


22/23-17             To receive reports from

County and District Councilliors

Police – police report circulated with agenda and available on website noticeboard.


22/23-18             Bins.  To resolve purchase of 3 SKDC new bins for the village at a cost of £920 (inc VAT) and to confirm new positions within the village.


22/23-19             Planning: To received planning applications received and to resolve responses.

S22/0538 Agri-Linc Holdings Ltd, Eastern Farm Implements Ltd, Stamford Road, Carlby, Pe9 4LW Proposal: Construction of commercial building to incorporate warehouse, workshop, showroom and trade counter, along with outdoor storage and display areas, and associated parking, following the demolition of existing buildings.

22/23-18             ‘What practical actions Sustainable Carlby could be take

22/23-19             Review of Targets 2022/23

22/23-20             Mallard Pass Solar Farm Update

22/23-21             Local Listing update

22/23-22             Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to finalise activities and resolve costs

22/23-23             Persimmon Land transfer update Report

22/23-24             Correspondence received from last meeting.  Listed below

22/23-25             Items for Future meetings

Date of future meetings:  2022: 26 July, 14 September, 22 November at 19:30 in the Village Hall



Correspondence received from last meeting.  – see attached pages below


4 Feb

John Harris

Walking for England

14 Mar

Alicia Kearns MP

MPSF meeting invite

4 Feb


Jubilee newsletter

14 Mar


March report

6 Feb


Invoice 22/23

24 Mar


Confirmation of jubilee mugs

8 Feb


EIA scoping notification and consultation

25 Mar

PKF Littlejohn

2021/22 AGAR instructions

8 Feb

SKDC Planning

S22 0214 application

29 Mar


Networking event

9 Feb

SKDC Planning

S22 0247 application

29 Mar

SKDC Planning

S22 0214 decision notice

10 Feb

SKDC Election

By election notice

1 Apr


Consultation on street trading/collection

11 Feb

MP Action Group

2175 acres

1 Apr


Reminance advice for precept 22/23

14 Feb

Keith Busfield

MP village newsletter

1 Apr

Barrie Church

Lakesdie patient Participation group

14 Feb


Tree planting follow up

5 Apr



14 Feb


Bank statement to 25/1/22

5 Apr

LCC T&Parish

Spring survey

16 Feb


Scoping report PINS details

6 Apr

Tracy Ingram

Free dance classes poster

17 Feb



7 Apr

VH/Garden clubs

Reports for Parish meeting

18 Feb


Temporary traffic restrictions



Best kept village letter

7 Mar

Village Hall


12 Apr

SKDC Planning


7 Mar



14 Apr


Insurance documents for renewal

10 Mar

SKDC Planning

S22/0466 application

19 Apr

Normanton street

Dog fouling sign invoice

10 Mar

Gareth Davies MP

MPSF update

20 Apr

Safer Together


14 Mar


Police report

23 Apr


Funding request