November 15 - Parish Council Meeting DRAFT

DRAFT: Minutes of Carlby Parish Council (CPC) meeting held on 15 November 2022 at 7pm in the Village Hall
22/23-91         Chairman’s Welcome.  Cllr. Bavister opened the meeting and welcomed all those present.
22/23-92         Open Forum for members of the public.
A member of the public asked the District Councillor present if there was a problem with the SKDC telephone system.   Response: Yes there is, SKDC are working on its improvement.
22/23-93         Present:  Cllrs. John Bavister (Chair), Cllr. Pete Holland (Vice Chair), Ian Dair, Angela Cardew, Sue Robinson, Ben Haines & Lesley Sweeting
Also In Attendance: Cllr. Penny Robins and 4 members of the public and Sarah Gresty Parish Clerk
22/23-94         Apologies: There were none.
Other Apologies received : from Cllr. Charllotte Vernon LCC County Councillor.
22/23-95         Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests: None received
22/23-96         Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14 September 2022 were presented as a true and accurate record of events.  Proposed acceptance Cllr. Dair, Seconded Cllr. Cardew and unanimous in favour. Signed by Chair.
22/23-97         To receive reports from
a)County and District Councillors
Cllr. Penny Robins
SKDC are still awaiting Government approval for 3.9 million allocated to SKDC from the UK shared prosperity fund.
SKDC has a tenancy support service.
I am the Mental Health champion for SKDC so if you know of any resident that could do with some help please put them in
Housing in SKDC continue to conduct home inspections as part of our involvement  with the homes for Ukraine
Debate still continues regarding Deepings Leisure Centre. I am afraid I can’t update you with this at present.
Dialog over our grounds maintenance (how we can get the best value for our residents) there was a meeting today and it will go back out to tender to desire if it will be out sourced and what the future is for ESK (environment SK) .
Mallard Pass Update  Application not yet logged, still at the technical consultation phase. Once the application is logged in the New Year the Parish will be able to put points forward.  Parish Councils with be consultees in this process, in which case you will be advised automatically when you are required to submit a relevant representation to the Planning Inspectorate.
The boundary commission for England this week published its revised proposals for new constituency boundaries. 
The Spinney, at Little Bytham is celebrating 20 years and are raising funds to replace equipment.  This play area is used by all neighbouring villages.  Anyone wished to help raise funds would be welcomed.
A report had been received from Cllr. Charlotte Vernon.   Report
Action: Clerk to circulate report and make available on the website
b)Police –  reports and newsletters when received are available on the website.
  i) LCC Police Priority Setting Meeting Feedback.  Recent incidents, increase in any social dog fouling and motor cycles riding on footpaths.
Action: Cllr. Holland to feed back.
22/23-98         Persimmon Land.  No update had been received despite chasing the solicitor.
22/23-99         Dog Fouling Campaign update.    CPC had undertaken an extensive awareness of the problem of dog fouling with a competition and new signage.  Unfortunately recently some of the new signs had been vandalised.   It was decided not to replace the signs as present and to monitor the situation.   A plea has gone into the December Village news edition for dog owners to take responsibility.
22/23-100       Bus shelters Options regarding the bus shelters were discuss:
To repair the cracks and to tie block work together to secure, repair. 
Action: Cllr Bavister is acquiring quotes.
To apply for a grant for complete replacement of the 2 shelters.   Full costs of replacement, removal of old shelters and installation could be approx. £35-40k.  If the concrete bases need replacing this could extend to approx.. £50k to receive an update of grants available against costs of repair. 
Cllr Penny Robins is assisting with available grant opportunities information has been provide for the Community Fund deadline of 17 Jan 2023 and when available will share the prosperity fund application.
Apply for a long term loan to be paid back over 10-15 years.  This would require a public consultation.
22/23-101       Flag Pole for the village.  No information had been received to discuss this project.
22/23-102       Targets for 2022/23 – were reviewed at the meeting and various items updated.
There was discussion of whether the Neighbourhood Plan needed updating given that housing development on the former EFI site would not proceed.'
An effective update  would need another full public consultation.   SKDC ‘call for sites’ outcome will be known when SKDC Local draft plan received out for public consultation.  
Proposal:   To agree and circulate Targets 2022/23 as amended at the meeting   Proposed Cllr. Holland, Seconded Cllr. Haines and unanimous in favour-RESOLVED.
22/23-103       Civility & Respect Pledge and Revised Code of Conduct were presented by the clerk.  The Clerk had subsequently downloaded the SKDC Code of Conduct and recommended this was considered with the NALC to see which Councillors thought best suited them.
Action:  Clerk to circulate SKDC Code of Conduct and to add item to next agenda for
i)  Adopt the Code of Conduct.   Action: Deferred to next meeting
ii) The Pledge  Proposal: Not to sign up to this pledge.  Proposed Cllr. Holland, Seconded Cllr. Robinson and unanimous in favour-RESOLVED.  
Finance  Matters:
22/23-104       Financial Report for the period 01 April – 30 Sept 2022 with bank statements were presented by the Clerk.   Proposal: To accept these accounts as a true and accurate record.  Proposed Cllr. Haines, Seconded Cllr. Dair and unanimous in favour.
22/23-105       National Salary Award – National Association of Local Councils on 2 November confirmed the new salary scales according to the clerk’s contract Pay scale 23 hourly rate of £15.67 (back dated to 1 April 22).  This was noted by CPC
22/23-106       Grant applications were received from:
                                    Carlby Bowls Club £250
                                    Carlby Playing Field Committee £2,615
                                    PCC Carlby Parish £1,500
22/23-107       The Draft Budget Proposal for 2023/24 precept request was received by CPC and would be considered at the January meeting.
            To Note Payments
22/23-108       S Gresty Clerk Salary Qtr 2 £608.56
22/23-109       HMRC Tax and NIC Qtr 2 £152.20
22/23-110       Normanton Screen print inv 13278 dog signs £278.94
22/23-111       S Robinson – expenses Condolence book £22.90
22/23-112       LALC Cllr. training £23
22/23-113       S Robinson – expenses book vouchers £30
22/23-114       ICO annual subscription £35
22/23-115       S Gresty Clerk half year expenses £194.4
22/23-116       Carlby Village Hall room hire inv 32 £80
22/23-117       S Robinson – travel expenses £39.15
22/23-118       LALC – inv 12928/12971 £51.6
Proposal:  All the above financial matters were approved.  Proposed Cllr. Sweeting, Seconded Cllr. Robinson and unanimous in favour. RESOLVED
22/23-119       Planning. To note any applications received since last meeting
                       s22/1974 32 High Street – Response given to SKCC Planning
                       s22/2030 Glebe Farm Holywell road – Commercial unit solar panels.  Response: to support this application as solar panels on commercial buildings was a preferred option.
22/23-120       Correspondence were noted from the agenda.
22/23-121       Items for Future meetings
Sustainable Carlby update
Annual Parish Meeting date.   To fix a date between 1 Apr-1 June 2023
                        Due to a house move Cllr. Ben Haines would be submitting his resignation to the Chairman.  His seat will then remain vacant until the election in May 2023.
Date of future meetings at 19:30 in the Village Hall   2023: 17 Jan, 21 Mar. 17 May, 18 Jul,  Wed 13 Sept,  21 Nov
Meeting Closed at 21.17