May 03 - Annual Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Carlby Parish Council (CPC)

held on 03 May 2022 commenced at 19:30 @ The Village Hall


Present: Cllrs. John Bavister (Chair)(JB), Cllr. Pete Holland (Vice Chair)(PH), Ian Dair(ID) & Sue Robinson (SR)

In Attendance:   County Councillors Penny Robins and Charlotte Vernon, Sarah Gresty-Clerk, Tony Orvis from Mallard Pass Action Group(MPAG) and Ben Whyles from Agri-linc.



22/23-01             Election of Chairman.  Proposal: to re-elect Cllr John Bavister as chairman.  Proposed Cllr. ID, Seconded Cllr. SR Cllr. PH in agreement. RESOLVED.

a)Cllr. JB accepted the position of Chairman and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office


22/23-02             Election of Vice Chairman  Proposal: to re-elect Cllr Pete Holland as vice chairman.  Proposed Cllr. JB, Seconded Cllr. ID Cllr. SR in agreement. RESOLVED.

a)Cllr. PH accepted the position of Vice Chairman and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office

b)Confirmation of Parish Councillors.  Cllrs to remain Cllr. IC, SR & Angela Cardew leaving 1 vacant seat


22/23-03             Apologies were received from Cllr. Angela Cardew and Ben Haines

22/23-04             Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests: None disclosed.

22/23-05             Adjournment for Open Forum.  There were no items from the public.

22/23-06             Chairman’s formally opens meeting.

22/23/07             Minutes: To approve the minutes of:

  1. 22 March 2022 Parish Council Meeting were proposed as a true and accurate record of events Proposed acceptance Cllr. PH, Seconded Cllr. ID and unanimous in favour.-RESOLVED
  2. 26 April 2022 Parish Meeting were proposed as a true and accurate record of events Proposed acceptance Cllr. PH, Seconded Cllr. ID and unanimous in favour.-RESOLVED


21/22-08             Review of current Regulatory Documents

  1. Standing Orders
  1. Financial Regulations
  2. Fixed Asset Register
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Risk Assessment
  5. All Policies reviewed by Parish Councillors

All the regulatory documents had been reviewed by the Parish Council prior to the meeting with an amendment made to the Standing Orders regarding the planning response procedure.  Proposal: to accept all the reviewed documents as the approved governing documents of Carlby Parish Council.   Proposed:  Cllr. SR, Seconded Cllr. ID and unanimous in favour.-RESOLVED.

The chairman signed/countersigned all documents.  These will be available on the website and from the Clerk on request. 

22/23-09             Insurance provision from 1 June 2022 continuation of 3 year agreement RHIB (2nd year) £420.04 were noted.


                              Finance  To Resolve acceptance of the following:

22/23-10             Internal Audit Report for Financial Year 2021/22 was presented to the Parish Council with the certificate of Exemption as income and gross expenditure did not exceed £25k.

22/23-11             Annual Governance Statement 2021/22(AGAR) had been independently inspected and presented for the proposal to accept as the true and accurate record of the accounting period 2021/22.

22/23-12             Dates for the exercise of public rights of inspection of 2021/22 accounts Monday 13 June-Friday 22 July 2022 was proposed.

22/23-13             Audit procedures for 2022/23.  The clerk had made arrangements for Joe Scott to again independently inspect the accounts for the coming year.  CPC thanked Joe for his continued support in this issue.  Proposal:  to accept all the above financial documents.  Cllr. ID, Seconded Cllr. PH and unanimous in favour.-RESOLVED.


22/23-14             Salary scales for the Clerk was confirmed as SCP 23 £14.61 per hour 4 hrs per week.

22/23-15             Budgetary authorised payments to be paid via Bacs such as: Salary & HMRC, direct debits already in place, Insurance, staff and councillor expenses if these fall between meeting dates were approved.


22/23-16             Current Year 2022-23

  1. Clerks Report 1 Apr 2022 – to 31 Apr 2022 was presented with the bank reconciliation.
  2. Payments for authorisation
  1. LALC membership £160.45
  2. Annual Parish flyers – Sue Robinson expenses £23.03
  3. NSP inv 13025 dog fouling signs £167.94
  4. BHIB insurance inv 642830 £420.04
  5. Carlby Playing Fields Committee – Grant £2,500. Final payment of agreement.
  1. To Note Income
  1. SKDC precept £9018.00

Proposal: acceptance of all current year financial records.  Cllr. PH, Seconded Cllr. ID and unanimous in favour.-RESOLVED.

22/23-17             To receive reports from

a)County and District Councillors

Report from Charlotte Vernon, County Councillor for Colsterworth Rural Division

I live in Castle Bytham, but spent 10 years in Essendine and was also a County Councillor for Rutland before I moved to Lincolnshire.   You may be aware that the Colsterworth Rural division is quite a large area, and there are one or two without Parish Councils, but many do. A number of the Parish Council meetings do take place on the same night so I may not always be able to attend every meeting, but if I am unable to attend, I would like to forward your Clerk a short report. This would include a little summary of County Council wide matters, an update on anything that you as a Parish Council have asked me to look into, and any other information which may be useful for you.  Please do always feel free to contact me by email or telephone if there is anything that I can assist with, or that you would like me to look into.

County Council Wide Matters

Lincolnshire Spring 2022 County Views Survey – This is now live on the website, and is an opportunity to give your views no roads, transport and highways in Lincolnshire. I know that this is something that we all feel strongly about so would please ask for as many people as possible to complete the survey as this helps the council ensure that decisions are based on our experiences, and will help to improve services. The survey is open until May 9th so please do go online and fill it out. I am aware that some people have had difficulties filling out the survey online.. if you do experience any problems, please do drop me a message as I have a link I can email and can arrange for a hardcopy to be sent if needed.

Lincolnshire County Council Good Citizens Award – Celebrate community champions by nominating them for a Lincolnshire County Council Good Citizens Award. Many of us will have felt or seen the impact they have made over the past two years, and the positive effect their selfless actions have had on our communities.

That’s why LCC want to hear from you if you know an unsung hero who deserves a Good Citizens Award. The categories are Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year (aged 21 or below), Community Group of the Year and Couple/Pair of the Year.    Winners will enjoy a VIP day out at the Lincolnshire Show with a guest, as well as being presented with a framed certificate. In particular we are appealing for you to put forward names for the young person category. This could be someone who has raised funds for charity, organised events to support local good causes or carried out unpaid work in support of their community.  Link for nominating is on the LCC website. The closing date for entries is Friday 6 May 2022.

Local Childcare Survey -  Lincolnshire families are being asked to complete a survey to help gauge demand for childcare places in the county. The council is required to ensure there are sufficient childcare places for working parents, parents studying or training, and for disabled children. Although the authority does not provide childcare directly, it works closely with private, voluntary, and independent providers and schools to shape and support the development of local provision to ensure it’s flexible, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of the community.  As part of this process, the council is asking parents to complete a short survey to help the authority assess the need for childcare places across the county.  The survey runs from 25 April to 6 May and can be found online at:

Ukrainian refugee Update - Nearly 200 people or families have come forward in Lincolnshire as potential hosts for Ukrainian refugees.  Four million people have now crossed the border out of Ukraine to safety, having been forced out of their homes.  The network of Lincolnshire councils, police, public bodies and charitable and community organisations are working together to prepare to welcome Ukrainian refugees.  While we await more detail on how the resettlement scheme will be applied, this hasn’t stopped joint working to develop plans and put in place effective partnership arrangements to oversee the local response. The initial focus is on providing links to local services, developing local donations and appropriate property and safeguarding checks. While waiting on refugee arrivals, the Wellbeing Lincs service is ready to offer advice and signpost to services, while a community fund is in place dedicated to helping those arriving in Lincolnshire to meet specific costs and needs.  The Wellbeing Lincs service can be accessed by Ukrainian arrivals or their host families to provide the advice and support they need, as well as statutory services such as healthcare, education, benefits and council services. Further information available at look out for direct updates.

Bin Information - Not really CC (sorry Penny!) but something that I really think is important to mention. There was recently a fire in the back of a bin lorry which had been caused by an electrical item placed in a bin that ignited.  A quick reminder… please do not put batteries or electrical items in bins.

Fixmystreet – Please do continue to report concerns regarding potholes, or damage to the roads via this website.


Report from Cllr. Penny Robson.   (SKDC)

Almost 500 Ukrainian Refugees issued with Visas in Greater Lincolnshire, South Kesteven is currently set to welcome the most Refuges and North East Lincolnshire the fewest.  SKDC are managing to carry out approx. 5 house checks per day to check suitability for people applying to house refuges.

The Constitution review has been completed and member workshops are underway. It will then go to Full Council for ratification, but, as it has been extensively discussed I don’t anticipate any changes to the new Constitution.

Boundary change.  At present I understand its about to out to consultation for a second time in the next couple of months, once this consultation closes it will then make its decision for implementation. The Parish Council should be contacted, if not they will announce it in the  National Media.

Gareth Davies has been working with Mallard Pass Action Group and has been actively in contact with residents, both replying to their letters/emails and also sending out information about the next stage of Consultation. If the Parish could re-forward to they will flag up with him. In terms of a Public Meeting, this is for him to decide as to whether he wishes to conduct one, as I know Alicia had a good turn out for hers.

Batteries in Bins.   The Lithium – ion batteries are causing fires. One particular one destroyed a flat and bins fires so exercise caution when disposing this type of battery, All batteries should be recycled in the correct way.

More Local : I am still awaiting Waste Services reply to the missing bin and emptying of this. I will update accordingly when in receipt of a reply.

 S22/0538 – Asbestos dust drifting to the properties backing on from Manor Road. I have requested some information with regards to this from the Planning department to get a better understanding of what is to be done about this.

 46 Templeman Drive – Case officer Peter White will be in touch when he has more news, as per email.

 I have contacted Emma Whittaker with regards to the question asked about Permitted Development. Once in receipt of this I will of course forward on.

I am still dealing with residents housing enquiries.

b)Police When police reports are received they are  circulated and made available on website noticeboard.


22/23-18             Bins.  Resolution: To purchase 3 SKDC new bins for the village at a cost of £920 (inc VAT) and to confirm (as a later date) the new positions within the village.  Proposed: Cllr. JB and unanimous in favour. -RESOLVED


22/23-19             Planning: To received planning applications received and to resolve responses.

  1. S22/0538 Agri-Linc Holdings Ltd, Eastern Farm Implements Ltd, Stamford Road, Carlby, Pe9 4LW Proposal: Construction of commercial building to incorporate warehouse, workshop, showroom and trade counter, along with outdoor storage and display areas, and associated parking, following the demolition of existing buildings.

Ben Whyles (BW) from Agri-linc was available at the meeting to take questions and listen to concerns.  The application plans were display at the meeting.

BW gave an overview of his agricultural machinery business and his plans for the Carlby site as a show area for new farm implements.  He purchased this site in 2017, during this time had considered a housing development, however this was not viable and now has returned to his original plan of moving his business  to Carlby.  This site already has planning permission for the use proposed.  The existing site buildings will be demolished and a new workshop/warehouse/office building rebuilt.  Carlby is a central location for current staff and there maybe future employment.  use for what we need.  Good access.  Practical and good looking buildings.  Jobs growth.  70% staff are in Stamford.   Sine 2017 there has been continual manufacturing on the site. 

Various concerns were raised.

CPC Response:

  • Reassurance from the developer that the contractor chosen to remove the Non Listed Asbestos makes all the correct procedures to catch the potential drifting dust when dismantling and dispatching all material
  • Potential noise from the work shop now slightly closer with a door to the properties of Manor Road (mitigation requirements and dBA limitations should be a condition of development) The noise report does not mention the playing field as a receptor of this noise!
  • Additional landscaping screening along the boundary facing the properties in Manor Road (should be a condition)
  • Light pollution from Security lighting, This should be “working lighting” and should be limited to working hours when required to move vehicles in the yard area.
  • Working hours to be agreed (should be a condition)


General feedback is one of acceptability with these conditions added.

22/23-20             ‘What practical actions Sustainable Carlby.  C/F to next meeting

22/23-21             Review of Targets 2022/23.

Actions:  Cllr. ID to add and circulate new targets:

  • To research renewal/refurbishment of bus shelters.
  • Consideration of reviewing neighbourhood plan. 
  • To remove the Heritage Local listing and ParishonLine initiatives

22/23-22             Mallard Pass Solar Farm Update.  Tony Orvis gave an update.

  • Stage One Consultation Summary (SoCC) comments have been submitted.
  • Next stage will be an 8 week public consultation.  This is the ONLY TIME THE PUBLIC CAN TAKE PART in consulting with the Developer. 
  • Vitally important for everyone to have their say.
  • Placards and leaflets will be produced by MPAG
  • CPC will display placards in village and distribute leaflets through doors.
  • To guide residents through the consultation process. 
  • Paper petition from Alicia Kearns MP to collect as many signatures and able.
  • Village Hall information drop in sessions

Proposal: CPC to donate £100 to MPAG towards the costs of placards and leaflets.   Cllr. JB, Seconded Cllr. PH and unanimous in favour.

22/23-23             Local Listing update.  Item to be archived at present.

22/23-24             Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  Proposal:  CPC to cover costs from reserves for the costs of the jubilee celebration totally £805.  Proposes Cllr. PH, Seconded Cllr. SR and unanimous in favour.-RESOLVED This excludes the cost of the mugs that have been resolved under s.137 of the Local Government Act 1972.

22/23-25             Persimmon Land transfer update Report.  Technical complication has slowed process.  Solicitor has been chased, this is ongoing.  Cllr. JB reported he had spoken to all people who are impacted by this issue.

22/23-26             Correspondence  wasnoted from the agenda

22/23-27             Items for Future meetings.

                              ‘What practical actions Sustainable Carlby



Date of future meetings:  2022: 26 July, 14 September, 22 November at 19:30 in the Village Hall







Meeting Closed 21.28