January 18 - Parish Council Meeting Minutes

 Minutes of Carlby Parish Council (CPC) meeting held on 18 January 2022 at 19:30 in the Village Hall.

21/22-94 Chairman Welcome.  Cllr. Bavister opened the meeting.
21/22-95 Open Forum. There were no members of the public in attendance.
21/22-96 Present. Chair: John Bavister(JB). Councillors: Ian Dair(ID), Benjamin Haines(BH), Angela Cardew(AC) & Sue Robinson (SR).
In attendance:  Sarah Gresty – Parish Clerk.
21/22-97 Apologies were received from Cllr. Pete Holland and SKDC Cllr. Penny Robins. 
21/22-98 Councillors to declare Declarations of Pecuniary interests.  There were none.
To approve Minutes.
21/22-99 a) Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 23 November 2021 were presented as a true and accurate record of events.  Cllr. ID proposed acceptance, Seconded Cllr. SR, Cllr. AC abstained due to absence, remaining unanimous in favour -RESOLVED.
21/22-100 To receive reports from District and County Councillors and the Police. There were none.
21/22-101 Co-option.  No election has been called therefore co-option for the vacant seat can commence.
Financial matters
21/22-102 Financial Report for the period 01 April to 31 December 2021 presented by the Clerk.  Proposed acceptance Cllr. JB, seconded Cllr. AC and unanimous in favour – RESOLVED. 
21/22-103 3 year rolling budget for 2022/23 and 2022/23 Precept.
Resolution: To accept the Budget and agree precept request of £9018 for 2022/23 an increase in Parish Band D Tax rate of 5.70% £46.62 per household.
Proposed acceptance of proposal Cllr. ID, seconded Cllr. BH and unanimous in favour-RESOLVED. 
To Approve Payments as follows:
21/22-104 S Gresty – Clerk salary Qtr. 3 £524.91
21/22-105 HMRC Qtr. 3 Tax and Nic payment 131.20
Payments noted.
21/22-106 Parish Council Laptop.  Quotations were received for system cleaning existing laptop and replacement of laptop for a new one for consideration.  Action:  Clerk to give Cllr. BH the CPC laptop to see if he can improve its speed and clean memory before pursue further.
21/22-107 Complaints Policy.  
Resolution: To adopt Complaints Policy to the Regulatory documents for CPC as present.  Proposed Cllr. ID, Seconded Cllr. SR and unanimous in favour – RESOLVED. Cllr. JB signed
21/22-108 Conservation Area Cllr. ID reported that as agreed at CPC September meeting, the Chairman, on behalf of CPC, wrote to 11 occupiers of period properties in the village.   4 replies had been received of which only 1 householder was in favour.
Criteria for Local Listing as drawn up by Heritage Lincs are:
1.A candidate heritage asset should have some degree of permanence. It should not be easily removable for example street furniture fixed to the ground; artwork affixed to a building etc.
2.A candidate heritage asset should be of demonstrable local importance, positively contribute to the character of the local area and be worthy of preservation for the benefit of future generations.
3.A candidate heritage asset should be of greater significance than the general historic environment they form a part of.
4.A candidate heritage asset should be definable in its extent or area. This is clearer for areas, buildings, landscapes & structures. For sites of archaeological interest, a site should be readable for example as ruins or earthworks, or as legible cropmarks on a recent aerial photograph.
5.The condition of an asset will not preclude an asset from nomination for Local Listing.
Cllr. ID stressed that this was to be pursued to protect the characteristic of the village.
Proposal: To continue to pursue the local heritage listing of heritage assets and move to the next stage to build description of the properties.
Action:  to arrange a residents consultation evening before moving to final decision.
Cllr. ID proposed acceptance of proposal and action, seconded by Cllr. JB, 4 councillors were in favour 1 against. – majority - RESOLVED
21/22-109 Playing Field Cllr. AC gave an update.   Playing Field Committee are holding their annual meeting this week.   They hope to install a Climbing frame and multi slide in the Spring 2022.  The Bike track is well used by children and some adults, no complaints about noise and is working well.  A few more trees and hedging have been planted and the stone boulders have been removed.  
21/22-110 ‘what practical actions Sustainable Carlby could we take’.  Action: c/f for next agenda
21/22-111 Planning: No new applications have been received since the last meeting.
21/22-112 Taking over the ownership of the Persimmons land within the Templeman Dive Estate.  Cllr. JB gave an update.  Persimmons are still working on the legal aspects of the areas of land in the village.  The footpath and track are more complex and the residents will be contacted by Persimmons to move this forward.  Persimmons will allow CPC to remove the style on the footpath which has become unsafe.  Until Persimmons come back with firm proposals CPC cannot consider a decision on whether to take possession and maintenance of these pieces of land in the village. 
Action: c/f to next meeting.
21/22-113 Queens Platinum Jubilee 2-5th June 2022
a) Tree order.   
Cllr. JB proposed  Resolution: To purchase fastigiate green beech tree for the village green at a cost of £300 + VAT which will be planted now.   Also purchase of a tree guard and plaque (price to be confirmed).  The plaque to be mounted at the Jubilee celebrations.
Seconded Cllr. BH and unanimous in favour – RESOLVED.
b) Remembrance Mug. 
Resolution:  To order 72 commemoration mugs at total cost of £527.23 unless alternative cheaper mugs are sourced.  Proposed Cllr. JB, seconded Cllr. AC and unanimous in favour - RESOLVED
Action:  Cllr. SR to contact Katie Cardew and Sophie Allport (local china manufacturers) to see if they can provide mugs.
At the next Parish Council meeting in March, firmer proposals for events would hope to be know.  Action: Cllr. JB to chase actions from Village Ideas group held on 26 November 2021.
Cllr. BH to organise photographs for the events, with permissions, to produce a collage or leaflet after the event.
21/22-114 Correspondence was noted from the agenda
21/22-115 Items for future meetings
Platinum jubilee actions 
Local Listings follow up 
Meeting Closed at 21:14
Date of next meetings 22 March, 26 April (parish meeting), 3 May, 26 July, 27 September and 29 November