May 2019 Minutes on 21 May


Chair:  John Bavister. (JB) Vice Chair: Steve Markham (SM)

Councillors: Ian Dair (ID), Roger Easton (RE), Isobel Robson(IR).

Parish Clerk: Sarah Gresty 07718900848

Carlby Parish Council, c/o Village Hall, High Street, Carlby, PE9 4LX.


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Carlby Parish Council

Held on Tuesday, 21 May 2019 commencing at 7.30 p.m. in Carlby Village Hall.


  1. Election of Chair:  John Bavister being the only nomination, agreed to remain as chair.   SM

proposed, seconded by ID and agreed unanimously.JB signed the Declaration of Acceptance and Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest forms.


           Election of Vice Chair:  Steve Markham being the only nomination, agreed to remain as         Vice Chair.  Proposed by JB, seconded by IR and agreed unanimously.


All councillors present signed the Declaration of Acceptance and Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest forms.




  1. Record of members present:  John Bavister. Chair, Steve Markham Vice chair, Ian Dair Roger Easton, Isobel Robson, Angela Cardew, Bob Adams LCC County Councillor & Chris Benn SKDC County Councillors, and 3 members of the public.


  1. To note apologies for absence:  Cllr. Ben Haines.


  1. Declarations of Pecuniary interests:  There were none.


  1. To agree that the minutes of:
  1. CPC meeting held on 26 March 2019 were unanimously agreed to be a true and accurate record.  JB signed minutes.


  1. Open Forum for members of the public in attendance:
  1. JB reported on the defibrillator.  At the last meeting, costs for batteries and pads were approved, however, now there is a problem with the electronics in the cabinet.  RE is working with the suppliers Welland Medical for prices.  A replacement new and updated cabinet would cost £660. However, they can supply a new internal electronic unit for approximately £140.   The Ambulance service are still supporting this cabinet. However, the fault means that the cabinet is not registered with them.

Action:       Item to be c/f to the next meeting Agenda for approval of expenditure.

                  Clerk to investigate if this is covered by insurance.

General Data Protection Regulation.

An important aspect of complying with GDPR is being open and transparent with individuals about how their personal data will be used.

Carlby Parish Council will ensure that personal data shall be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner and will be; Only collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes; Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary;

Accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date; Kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary; Processed in a manner that enables appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing; Processed in accordance with an individual's rights; Kept in a secure manner.

Carlby Parish Council                                                     Updated 24/5/2019

  1. Bob Adams had recently attended a very interesting and informative presentation about local dementia facilities and services.  He thought this would be of interest at a future meeting for the village.  


Reports from newly elected District Councillor and the County Councillors:

Chris Ben was introduced as our newly elected County Councillor.Chris outlined the recent election results and noted a late planning application reply which was now being dealt with.


Bob Adams gave an overview of the SKDC financial position for the coming 2 years and did not foresee any more drastic cuts in staffing as funding was on a firm footing.

Bob’s new roles are chairman of the Highways Scrutiny Committee and Chair of the District Planning Committee.He is Looking forward to forthcoming challenges and to continue to support CPC.

Future issues included the County to lobby Government to redress front line service funding and to restructure the support that is received.


Potholes were discussed.There are criteria of size and depth of pot hole and whether it is classed as an emergency repair; however, all reported pot holes should be fixed within 3 months.



6. Financial matters.

  1. To Approve Financial Report for the year 01 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.  Closing bank balance of £1032.30 was Noted.  Agreed unanimously and adopted.  JB signed.
  2. To Approve Annual Governance Statement 2018/19. (AGAR).  Independently inspected by Joe Scott the AGAR was presented to the meeting.  CPC thank Joe for his time.  AGAR agreed unanimously and adopted.  JB signed.
  3. To Agree Insurance provision commencing 01 June 2019.  The insurance renewal had not been received; however, as CPC were still in a 3 year agreement the forthcoming payment of approximately £300 was noted and approved unanimously for payment.
  4. Cllr. Expenses claim for 2018/19.  All present had completed their expenses claim forms.

Clerk to send completed claims to SKDC

  1. To Approve Payments as follows:
  1. Clerk, March pay. £173.63 - paid.
  2. John Bavister mileage expense claim 29.3.19 £20.25 - agreed unanimously.
  3. LALC Annual Subs 19/20 £153.69 - agreed unanimously.
  4. Carlby Village hall hire £96.00 -  agreed unanimously.
  1. Clerk’s salary structure agreement.   The Clerk would be paid on a quarterly basis.  Working on a 3.5 hour per week basic wage this equates to £648.49 per quarter.  With any overtime being paid if proved necessary - agreed unanimously.
  2. To Note the Receipts as follows:
  1. SKDC Precept £8690  – Noted.  




  1. Planning:   There were no proposals to consider.


  1. Regulatory Documents for 2019/20: CPC had considered the documents below prior to the meeting and approved unanimously to adopt for the forthcoming year of all documents with no changes. 
  1. Standing Orders
  2. Assets Register
  3. Policies:    Transparency Code
    1. Health and Safety Policy
    2. Freedom of Information Policy
    3. Expenses Policy
    4. Equal Opportunities Policy
    5. Disciplinary & Grievance Policy
    6. Data Protection Policy


  1. Playing Field-discussion on future plans:

The 3 existing members of the Village Playing Field Committee (VPFC) were present and gave an overview of the present position:


  • Phil Norman the departing chairperson will officially inform the Charities commission as the VPFC will be disbanded and integrated into CPC custodianship.
  • It was hoped that a further discussion will take place at next week’s Village Annual Parish meeting.
  • Outstanding works:  to install 2 further pieces of equipment for younger children.

Each piece of equipment cost approx. 10k to install.  However, there is approximately 6.5k left in the funding pot.  There has been a recent donation of approx. £500 raised by the children of the Plymouth Brethren. 

It was hoped to get some benches and a bike rack but further funding will need to be sources to complete the project.

  • Insurance has been paid for this year.   When this comes due would be incorporated into CPC policy.
  • Once VPFC is official disbanded funds will be passed to CPC to be ring fenced for playground expenditure.  CPC will be financial responsible.
  • Angela Cardew will oversee this in her new role as Parish Councillor.  Suzanne Over would still like to be involved and help Angela as a resident.
  • Grass cutting costs will need consideration.
  • Equipment will be added to the CPC assets lists and official come under the precept.
  • VAT for future equipment will be reclaimable.  


Action:             VPFC to draft a plan to present to CPC.

JB to check the agreement document


  1. Correspondence:
  • 15/3/19       Community Lincs          News & Updates Bulletin Mar 19                                                                                   CmmLinc
  • 18/3/19       SKDC                                                   Parish Update March 19                                                                              SKDC
  • 18/3/19       PKF Littlejohn                                    Webinaire AGAR form                                                                                  Finance
  • 18/3/19       LALC                                                    Community Collaboration Project Questionnaire reminder                  LALC
  • 20/3/19       Lloyds                                                 acknowledge application receipt                                                                 Finance
  • 21/3/19       LALC                                                    2018-19 PKF Littlejohn External Auditor update for Smaller A Authorities  Finance
  • 25/3/19       LALC                                                    Policy E-Briefing PCC-19 Audit Code of Practice                                       LRALC
  • 26/3/19       Bob Adams                                        Weekly Planning list 18-22 March 19                                                        Bob
  • 30/03/19     Terrain                                                Essential H&S information for smaller Councils                                       Terrain
  • 09/04/19     Salvation Army                                 Clothing recycling bank                                                                                PC              
  • 09/04/19     SKDC                                                   Best Kept Village competition application                                                 SKDC
  • 03/04/19     LCVS                                                    NewsBite                                                                                                          LCVS
  • 09/04/19     Terrain                                                weekly update                                                                                                Terrain
  • 10/04/19     Village News                                      receipt £21                                                                                                      Finance
  • 10/4/19       Call Connect                                      bus timetable                                                                                                  n/b
  • 10/4/19       SKDC                                                   Uncontested Election Results for Carlby                                                   n/b&Election
  • 10/4/19       DiscoverSK                     Explore SK 2019 brochure                                                                                                Dis.SK
  • 12/4/19       Community Lincs          News and updates bulletin April 19                                                                               CommLinc
  • 12/4/19       Election                                              Notice of Election E Parliamentary Election                                              n/b&Election
  • 15/4/19       LALC                                                    E News weekly updates                                                                                LALC
  • 15/4/19       Election                                              Notice of poll district                                                                                     n/b&Election
  • 16/4/19       LALC                                                    News Extra spending budget article                                                           LALC           
  • 23/4/19       Lincolnshire Parent      LPCF news April                                                                                                                 corresp.
  • 25/4/19       InvestSK                         News and events                                                                                                               Investsk
  • 29/4/19       Westminster Briefing  How does you council handle complaints                                                                     W.Briefing
  • 29/4/19       NALC                                                   Weekly News 2                                                                                              NALC
  • 29/4/19       LCC                                                      3rd Annual Resilient Comm. Conference 18/7/19                                    LCC
  • 7/5/19         HAGS                                                  spring offers catalogue                                                                                  Clerk file

If anyone would like to view any of the correspondence received please contact the Clerk, Sarah GrestyE:   T: 07718900848


  1. Target agreements 2018/19:  Bi-Monthly review:  This would be discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting.

Action: After the Annual Parish Meeting IC would update this document and recirculate.


  1. Grants to Local Organisations: Grant application proposals received:

Friendly Club £200 toward transport costs for annual outing - agreed unanimously.

Bowls club £250 toward paving repairs - agreed unanimously.


  1. Archives of CPC document.  Discussion took place on how and where this should be done.  It was unanimously agreed that the documents should be stored at the County Council Archives in Lincoln.


  1. Date of next meetings at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall: 

Annual Parish Meeting 28 May 2019

CPCM -23 July 2019.


The meeting closed at 20:21


  1. The PC RESOLVED to close the meeting to the public to hear a presentation by Savills outlining a potential development on the land at Grange Farm, Carlby.








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