November 2019 Minutes


 Minutes of Carlby Parish Council held on

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 commencing at 7.30 pm in Carlby Village Hall.



19/52              Chairman tribute to Roger Easton.  Roger has left a huge legacy to Carlby having been one of the architects behind the Carlby Neighbourhood Plan (CNDP) being very influential with its planning and policies, he will be sadly missed.  Roger’s funeral is 3 December at 2pm at Peterborough crematorium. 



Ian Dair and Angela Cardew, Cllrs Bob Adams and Chris Benn and 2 members of the public.


19/54              Apologies for absence were received from Cllr. Ben Haines and Isobel Robson.


19/55              Declarations of Pecuniary interests on items on this agenda. There were none.


                        To Agree the Minutes of the:

19/56                          Parish Council Meeting held on 24 September 2019. - RESOLVED

19/57                          Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 18 October 2019.- RESOLVED

19/58                          Re submission of amended: Agenda and Minutes of the Parish Council held on 21 May 2019. - RESOLVED


19/59              Matters Arising from the Minutes:  There were none.


19/60              Open Forum for members of the public in attendance. (this session is for members of the public to comment on specific items on this agenda, also they may bring issues for possible consideration at future meetings)

                        No-one had any items for discussion.


19/61              Co-option of Parish Councillor.  No-one to co-opt.


19/62              Reports from District and County Councillors.

Cllr. Chris Benn reported on news from district.   Spoke about environmental issues and plans for various actions in the county to combat climate change.  Such as: what can villages offer, Electric charging points to be installed in our 4 major towns together with other minor administration changes. 

An issue for villages were the effect that homes were heated mainly by burning oil, coal or wood affecting air quality.  There are plans to extend monitoring of this.  It was noted that Carlby was not in a smokeless zone.


Cllr. Bob Adams reported that a new highways contact had been won by Belfour Beatty and it was hoped that with their improved communication and schedules many road repairs would be simplified.


Presently SKDC are preparing budgets and more information would be available at the next meeting.


Bus companies were withdrawing their non profitable routes.   It was hoped to complement this loss with an increase of the Call Connect service with an additional vehicle.  Unfortunately, fewer people are using public transport in the main. In some very rural parts of the country alternative complementary schemes have been put in place such as internet organised lift shares, a bus run by volunteers this may need to be considered in the more rural parts of Lincolnshire.


B6121 road improvements, it was hoped that work would soon commence of double white lines at dangerous areas, and improved signage to help reduce speeding traffic.


                        Financial matters.

19/63              2020/21 Budget was presented with a precept of £8469.  Cllr. John Bavister proposed that this budget be accepts of CPC.  Unanimously RESOLVED.

19/64              Receipts and Payments account and bank reconciliation to 31/10/2019 -RESOLVED.

19/65              To Note money received since 24/9/19 (last meeting).

                                    Refunded grant of £200 from Carlby Friendly Club. - NOTED

                        To Approve Payments as follows:

19/66              Clerk home working and expenses from 1.4.19-31.10.19 - £159.10 - RESOLVED.

19/67              Grant application from Bowls Club for the year 20/21 - £250 – NOTED RECEIVED.

19/68              Grant application from Carlby Church for the year 19/20 - £1000 for maintaining of gravel path, grass and dry-stone wall. – RESOLVED.

19/69              Grant application from Carlby Church for the year 20/21 – water to church.  We await how the project will be proposed - NOTED RECEIVED.


                        Planning: To receive the following:

19/70              S19/1483 Proposal: Amended Outline Planning Permission for the erection of a one and half storey dwelling with approval being sought for access only.  Vine House, 19 High Street, Carlby PE9 4LX.


Cllr. John Bavister showed the meeting plans for this development and referenced how this proposal did not relate to the CNDP. 

Main issues were:

There was not a permitted access to the proposed outline site at present as the access related to the small unconverted barn previously granted planning permission.

This development was termed as back land development. 

The application for a 1.5 storey building would be out of keeping with the surrounding single storey buildings, height being a major factor for turning down other proposals in this part of the village.

It was noted that the SKDC Planning Officer had recommended applying for outline permission removing the scale.  Outline permission with all matters reserved would allow for a 3 years allowance to submit a full planning application.


                        Relevant policies of the CNDP were viewed and discussed as to how this proposal did not comply.


It was strongly felt that SKDC Planning officer was disregarding the CNDP when giving pre planning advice. 


                        It was confirmed that when compiled the CNDP was integrated with the SKDC Local Plan which conforms to the National Planning Policy Framework.


Cllr Chris Benn would act as Officer Delegation at committee together with Cllr. Bavister making representations from CPC as it has been requested the application goes in front of the Planning committee for a decision.

It was proposed the CPC send further representations recommending refusal.

Voting was 3 in favour 1 abstained.

RESOLVED       Parish will make representation to committee

RESOLVED       To respond to SKDC objecting to the proposal on the same grounds (removing the scale) as previously submitted as this was back land development.


19/71              Update: old EFI site and Whitfield Paddock – potential development.  Nothing to report


19/72              Playing Field update by Cllr. Angela Cardew.  A leaflet drop to houses and an advert in Village Life and produced 2 potential new Committee members.  Another is to be arranged for January in the hope to gain a full committee.  Angela would keep CPC updated.  Action: Angela to check the number needed for a Committee quorum.


19/73              Poppies Lest we forget.   Thanks were expressed to Paul Beard and his associates who arranged and installed the large poppies on lamp posts through the village this year.  All agreed they looked very nice.  Paul has also kindly agreed to store them to put them up each year at remembrance.


19/74              Correspondence List. All correspondence was noted from the agenda.

19/75              Matters for future meetings.

Environmental issues – grants given for tree planting.   Identification of pieces of potential land and any other environmental issues that may arise. 


19/76                 Reserved meeting 2020 dates:    Jan 28th, Mar 25th.


Meeting closed 20:38






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