October 2019 Minutes


Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting of Carlby Parish Council on

Friday 18 October 2019 commencing at 7pm in Carlby Village Hall.





19/45              To Note apologies for absence.  Received from County Cllr. Ben Haines.


19/46              To declare Declarations of Pecuniary interests on items on this agenda. There were                none.


19/47              Open Forum for members of the public in attendance. (this session is for members of                                        the public to comment on specific items on this agenda, also they may bring issues for possible                                         consideration at future meetings)


  1. A member of the public, regarding S19/1669 below: expressed concerns at the proposed height of the buildings in excess of 6.5 metres at the tallest, this had been personally discussed with the applicant prior to the application.  It was noted that past proposals for this site had been turned down for this reason.        

Concerns were raised at the building not being in keeping with the traditional buildings at this end of the village not fitting with the principles of the Neighbourhood plan addressing scale and design.


                        b) Cllr. Dair suggested to CC Benn that SKDC were not referencing the NHP when                               considering Carlby planning proposals.  

                        Action: CC Benn agreed to take this issue up with SKDC Planning to express the PC’s                      concerns stressing that Developers should be considering the CNDP first before                              submission and to consider whether their proposals fit with the CNDP in the first                                   instance.


                        c) A member of the public asked for clarification of the process of planning decisions                  especially with regards the recent application S19/1483.  Discussion on relationship                       to the CNDP and heights of roof ensued.  It was noted that the next SKDC planning               meeting was 13th November. The agenda of which is only published 1 week before

Members of the public can register to speak at the meeting


                        Planning: To receive the following:

19/48              S19/1669 Proposal: Proposed extension and alternations, including proposed vehicle access.  Chestnuts Barn 62 High Street, Carlby PE9 4LX


                        Firstly the Chairman JB reported that prior to this meeting he had made a complaint to SKDC regarding the lack of public yellow planning notifications being posted outside proposed planning application properties.  He was assured that SKDC is not legally obliged to display these notices but has logged that the village of Carlby have requested that they should still be displayed. As previous custom and practice


                        S19/1669.  A detailed discussion on the planning issues took place with a response compiled as follows: 

                              Carlby Neighbourhood Development Plan MADE March 2019 material considerations. Background rationale supporting the representations in objection.

                              NPPF 2019 section 2 item 14. In situations where the presumption (at paragraph 11d)                                             applies to applications involving the provision of housing, the adverse impact of                allowing                            development that conflicts with the neighbourhood plan is likely to significantly and                                       demonstrably outweigh the benefits, provided all of the following apply:

                              a) the neighbourhood plan became part of the development plan two years or less before                      the date on which the decision is made;

                              b) the neighbourhood plan contains policies and allocations to meet its identified housing                         requirement;

                              c) the local planning authority has at least a three-year supply of deliverable housing sites

                              d) the local planning authority’s housing delivery was at least 45% of that required over the                 previous three years.

                              The Adopted Carlby Neighbourhood Development Plan March 2019. (CNDP)

                              The plan clearly promotes development in excess of the local plan by the inclusion of                                     Brownfield site locally know as EFI land to the south of the village yet within its built                                 envelope. The local community is working with the current land owner in consideration of                            domestic properties and industrial refurbishment, prior to any proposals.

                              NPPF 2019 Section 3 item 30: Once a neighbourhood plan has been brought into force, the                 policies it contains take precedence over existing non-strategic policies in a local plan                                            covering the neighbourhood area, where they are in conflict; unless they are superseded by                         strategic or non-strategic policies that are adopted subsequently.

                              Section 4 Decision making item 49: Local Planning authorities, they should also, where they                               think this would be beneficial, encourage any applicants who are not already required to do                  so by law to engage with the local community and, where relevant, with statutory and non-                            statutory consultees, before submitting their applications.

                              NPPF Section 12, item 128. Applicants should work closely with those affected by their                                            proposals to evolve designs that take account of the views of the community. As it is, proper                to seek to promote or reinforce local distinctiveness. There has been NO communication from                          the applicant or the architect involved.

                              SKDC, Statement of Community Involvement 2018, Appendix 4: indicates for All other                                 ‘Planning Applications’, a Site Notice or Notification to adjoining land owners or occupiers.

                              The word adjoining does not allow for others adjacent and across from, who will be missed,                      by only informing adjoining land owners or occupiers.

                              Any and all applications in Carlby should have a notice posted as previous custom and                                  practise had established whatever the circumstances?

                              Note Page 35’ SKDC will ………………. (of Neighbourhood Plans)

                              Once adopted the Plan will form part of SKDC’s Development Plan.  It will be a primary                         consideration in determining the outcome of planning applications relating to the                                  neighbourhood or business area.

                              Addressing the proposed scale and design of the proposed development

                              Carlby Neighbourhood development plan: Conserving rural character

                              Areas circled in green Map 3 contribute greatly to the rural character of the village and must                      be protected to maintain this valued aspect, the atmosphere and character of the envelope.

                              D.2.1 Proposals for the replacement of an existing building will be supported, provided the                              new building is not materially larger than the one it replaces; This application increases the                         scale by 2.6 times from the extended converted traditional working barn foot print.

                              Development. The majority of Carlby residents involved in expressing their views, accept the                            need for development which will be limited to within the established confines of the village,                          conserving the unified village character without impinging on the highly valued rural nature                     of the parish

                              Policy V.0. Village rural character and appearance,

                              V.1. All proposed development, including conversions, extensions and new development,                                   should ensure that the scale of buildings does not unacceptably impact on the character or                            appearance of the village. The proposed scale and design of a hip roof dramatically and                                        unacceptably imposes on the character and appearance of the village. Especially the view of                        a tradition agriculture rural setting on the entrance to the village from the west.

                              V.2. Development which would have a negative impact, which impedes or changes the views                          and green spaces on the entrance to the west of the village will not be supported. This                                        proposal has a negative impact, which impedes and changes the views and green garden                                       space on the entrance to the village.

                              V.3. Developments which would affect ‘Carlby Rag’ dry stone and dressed wall features will                           be supported where they retain, repair and/or reinstate these vernacular materials as                                  appropriate to the particular proposal. The proposed additional entrance is a further loss of                           Carlby irreplaceable rag stone walling in considering an alternative entrance to the site over                   and above the existing used entrance.

                              Policy D.0. Generic Development “where suitable & acceptable”

                              D.0.1. All new development should demonstrate good quality design that respects the scale                           and character of existing and surrounding buildings. Development proposals that would                                       result in poor design that fails to take the opportunities available for improving local                                     character and quality of an area and the way it functions will not be supported. The scale and                              design do not demonstrate an integrated blend of development and does not improve the                      local character of the function of an equine based agricultural village.

                              To resist inappropriate development of residential gardens,

                              To support the extension or alteration of a building provided that it does not result in                                     disproportionate additions over and above the size of the original building; The proposed                             remodelling of this extended and converted traditional character farm barn is                                                  disproportionate over and above the size of the original building.

                              D.1.0. Proposals for new residential development and extensions to existing properties will be                           supported where the relationship between the built development and the plot size respects                 the open and spacious character of properties within the village envelope.

                              Here is a list of previous planning officer refusals and conditions for reference,

                              S03/0753 two storey dwelling refused

                              S04/0229, two storey dwelling refused

                              S07/6859 , glass porch refused impact on view to the entrance of the village.

                              SK94/0912, approved conditionally, end plot to be left undeveloped to allow the            entrance                            view from the west to the village to remain of the traditional agriculture Lincolnshire barn.

                              The applicant has not shown an adjoining ownership of a large barn that uses the existing                            access and such the new proposed access is not acceptable to have two access to the                                   dwelling.

                              The fact there is an existing two story traditional major farm house built in the 1800s is no                          reason to justify a even larger two story dwelling to block the traditional view into the village                      from the west.

                              Unanimously RESOLVED to accept the above response for submission to SKDC. 
                        Action: CC Benn agreed to draw attention to this application with the senior planning                       officer of SKDC and Cllr. Bob Adam.


19/49              Play Field Committee update.

                        Cllr. Angela Cardew advised that there was no update from the Charity Commission.  She had placed an advert for further Trustees in the Village news for November and would do a leaflet drop to all residents in the hope to assemble a new committee.  She will update when there is more news. 


19/50              Matters for future meetings.



19/51                 Reserved meeting 2019 dates:  Nov 26th. 2020 Jan 28th, Mar 24th.






                                                The meeting Closed at 19:59 closed.








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