November 23 Parish Council Agenda


To: Chair: John Bavister. Vice-Chair: Pete Holland.
Councillors: Ian Dair, Benjamin Haines, Angela Cardew, Sue Robinson & Liz King.
You are summond to a meeting on Tuesday, 23 November 2021 commencing at 19:30
The business to be dealt with at the Meeting is listed below.
Parish Clerk:  Sarah Gresty 07718900848
Carlby Parish Council, c/o Village Hall, High Street, Carlby, PE9 4LX.           Posted:  8 November 2021


The public and media are cordially invited to join this meeting adhering to Government Covid-19 Guidelines  


21/22-76 Chairman Welcome
21/22-77 Open Forum for members of the public.
21/22-78 Record of members present.
21/22-79 To Note apologies for absence.
21/22-80 Councillors to declare Declarations of Pecuniary interests.
To approve Minutes.
21/22-81 a) Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 28 September 2021
21/22-82 To receive reports from District and County Councillors and the Police.
Financial matters
21/22-83 To receive Financial Report for the period 01 April to 31 October 2021
21/22-84 To receive the 3 year rolling budget for 2022/23 with its calculations for 2022/23 Precept.  The Precept will be resolved at the January 2022 Parish Council meeting
To Approve Payments as follows:
21/22-85 S Gresty – Clerk expenses Apr-Sept 2021 £152.27
21/22-86 L King – Councillor expenses jubilee leaflet £22.37
21/22-87 Planning: To receive application
a) S21/2065 Proposal: Installation of a single air source heat pump, The Paddocks, Farriers Way, Carlby PE9 4NG
b) Mallard Pass Solar Farm
21/22-88 Rubbish bins, Bin in Church yard to investigate additional bins.
21/22-89 Taking over the ownership of the Persimmons land within the Templeman Dive estate update.  Due to further research required to present the full facts regarding this issue a resolution will not take place at this meeting.  Cllr. Bavister will present further information to the meeting and the resolution will be carried forward to the January 2022 Parish Council meeting.
21/22-90 Queens Platinum Jubilee 2-5th June 2022 (Beacon update and Ideas sharing Session 25/11 Village Hall)
• Who is attending
• Who is chairing/scribing
• What /where and how with refreshments/setting up/ packing away etc.
21/22-91 Mailchimp communications
21/22-92 Correspondence received since last meeting.  Please see list on page 2&3 below 
21/22-93 Items for future meetings
i) Conservation area update – Cllrs Dair
ii) Playing Field update. – Cllr Angela Cardew
iii) Sustainable Carlby ‘what practical actions could we take’.  Cllr. Pete Holland



 The formal Parish Council meeting will close after this agenda item.


Followed by:

Informal open presentation and discussion by the Owners of the building plot 

2a Church Street

Date of next meetings 2022, 18 January, 22 March, 26 April (parish meeting), 3 May, 26 July, 27 September and 29 November
21/22-92 Correspondence received since the last meeting listed below:
12 Sept Lloyds Bank statement 1 9//21
13 Sept NALC Events future communities  and events
14 Sept London Hearts Grant opportunities
14 Sept LALC Enew
14 Sept TSGP Connect bus 
17 Sept NALC CE bulletin
19 Sept Stamford Arts Sept and nov cinema
21 Sept LALC Enews
22 Sept NALC Leadership elections
22 Sept ECOgreen Products
22 Sept YMCA bulletin
24 Sept NALC CE bulletin
27 Sept CVH Free hire of hall until Dec 21
28 Sept SKDC Planning Decision S21 1387
28 Sept NALC Election survey
28 Sept Road Safety Air fresherner campaign
28 Sept LALC E news
28 Sept InvestSK Autumn newsletter
30 Sept Parishonline Newsletter
1 Oct SKDC Planning S21 1925 decision
1 Oct NALC Ce bulletin
4 Oct NHS Engagement bulletin
5 Oct InvestSK Funding workshops
5 Oct LALC E news
6 Oct SKDC Planning Decision notice s21/1707
6 Oct NALC Newsletter
7 Oct SKDCMemberServ Proposed council tax support scheme
7 Oct Police Oct report
8 Oct NALC CE bulletin
11 Oct Treescape Order confirmation
11 Oct Playing field Com Draft constitution
11 Oct LCC Winter salt
12 Oct LALC Jubilee info
12 Oct LALC E news
12 Oct Police Safer together newsletter
13 Oct NALC Newletter
13 Oct LCC TSG bus update
14 Oct SKDC Planning TPO confirmation T21/0011 TPPC2
14 Oct Solopress Invoice for leaflets
15 Oct NALC CE bulletin
19 Oct LALC E news
19 Oct Safe Together OPCC policing precept survey
20 Oct Mallard Pass Solar farm at Essendine
20 Oct SKDC Planning S21 2065
22 Oct Resident Local heritage response
24 Oct LCC Salt bags available
25 Oct Wel Medical Register your defib today
26 Oct SKDC Planning S21 2065 confirmation of comment ext.
28 Oct NALC New publication on climate change
29 Oct LTP Local transport plan – consultation
1 Nov Mallard Pass Solar farm webinair
4 Nov Stamford Art Nov-jan programme