2021 November 23 Parish Meeting

Minutes of a Carlby Parish Council (CPC) meeting held on Tuesday, 23 November 2021 commencing at 19:30 held in the village hall.

Due to a possible extended discussion Resolution to move item 21/22-87b Mallard Pass Solar Farm to the end of the meeting once council business is complete.  Proposed Cllr. John Bavister (JB), Seconded Cllr. Pete Holland (PH) and unanimous in favour-RESOLVED
21/22-76 Chairman Welcome.  Cllr. JB welcomed everyone present and opened the meeting.   He notified all Councillors of the resignation of Cllr. Liz King and reported that the vacant seat would be advertised.  Action: Clerk to Action.
21/22-77 Open Forum for items other than those of Mallard Pass Solar Farm.
a) A member of the public advertised the Church ‘Follow a Star Nativity Trail’ in the village and asked if the crib could be placed on the village green.
Action:  Cllr. JB to request permission from Persimmons Homes.
21/22-78 Record of members present.  Councillors: Chair: John Bavister (JB). Vice-Chair: Pete Holland(PH), Ian Dair(ID), Benjamin Haines(BH) and Sue Robinson(SR).
In Attendance.  SKDC Councillor Penny Robins(PR), Sarah Gresty-Clerk and 16 members of the public and press.
21/22-79 Apologies were received from Cllr. Angela Cardew.
21/22-80 Declarations of Pecuniary interests. There were none.
21/22-81 a) Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 28 September 2021 were confirmed as a true and accurate records of events.  Proposed Cllr. ID, Seconded Cllr. PH, unanimous in favour - RESOLVED Cllr. JB signed.
21/22-82 Report from District and County Councillors and the Police.
Cllr. Penny Robins reported on the sad loss of Cllr. Bob Adams who passed away on 9 November, this will result in a bye election in due course. 
Planning Design Guide supplementary planning document for better design development is proposed to be accepted at the Upcoming District Council meeting.
Deeping Leisure Centre refurbishment has gone to tender further costings have been requested and hope that the project’s completion will be January 2023.
Grantham Christmas lights will be switched on weekend of 4&5 December.
Information from District to update Neighbour plan has been chased up
The Castle Bytham Christmas lights and Spinney tree dressing is this coming weekend
Cllr. JB thanked Cllr. PR for her support to getting reductions of the fence height on  the recent planning application S21/1387.
Financial matters
21/22-83 Financial Report for the period 01 April to 31 October 2021 Proposed acceptance of report as a true and accurate record of the financial position.  Proposed Cllr. JB, Seconded Cllr ID and unanimous in favour-RESOLVED.
21/22-84 The 3 year rolling budget for 2022/23 with its calculations for 2022/23 Precept was presented.  A resolution will be made at the January 2022 Parish Council meeting.
Approval of Payments as follows:
21/22-85 S Gresty – Clerk expenses Apr-Sept 2021 £152.27
21/22-86 L King – Councillor expenses jubilee leaflet £22.37
Authorised Proposed Cllr. PH, Seconded Cllr. BH and unanimous in favour-RESOLVED
21/22-87 Planning: To receive application
a) S21/2065 Proposal: Installation of a single air source heat pump, The Paddocks, Farriers Way, Carlby PE9 4NG
A discussion took place and plans were viewed.
Response: No objections to this application.  Action: to send response
b) Mallard Pass Solar Farm
A full discussion took place with various members of the public who had attended a public consultation already, gave their views:
• Disappointed as did not gain any new information.   
• Every question was imperfectly answered.  
• No answers were given with regards to height of solar panels in flood areas
• They did not know the height and type of fencing proposed but did confirm that no lighting would be used.
• Footpaths will be retained and converted into green corridor.   
• No particular details on any elements were forthcoming.
• No models or useful photos to visualise the impact of the panels in the countryside were on display.  
• Mallard Solar stressed they would work around the community’s thoughts.
A member of the public gave some statistics and some useful comparable sizes and sites to research. Questioned the ethical concerns of the joint companies involved in the project.  They are promoting a green energy project however much of the land zoned for use now grows wheat and supports lots of wildlife and is an important social amenity. 
Urged all to attend public consultations and webinars.
He stressed the urgency for all who have something to say to individually send their concerns to  info@MallardPassSolar.co.uk or post to FREEPOST, Mallard Pass Solar Farm and to copy in as many people as possible, such as MP, County Councillors, Stamford Mercury etc. to ensure other stakeholders see your feedback: by 16 December. 
Actions: Carlby PC to contact other Parish Council’s who have experience of a similar project to give advice and views.
Request Certified visual and models from Mallard Pass.  
Anyone with relevant experience to attend the collaborative meeting between neighbouring villages on 2 December 8.30 pm at Greatford Village Hall.
21/22-88 Rubbish bins in the Church Yard.   Proposal for the church to install a notice for dog owners to use the appropriate SKDC bins. Or remove the spent flower bin and encourage composting in that corner.
CPC have requested 3 new bins for the village.  Delivery pending.
21/22-89 Taking over the ownership of the Persimmons land within the Templeman Dive estate update.  
CPC are due to meet with Persimmons to take this issue forward.  A full explanation of the complication of these small pieces of land was explained by Cllr. JB.
Considerations for CPC would be : additional costs of maintenance and upkeep, insurance and use.  Action: Carry forward to next meeting once more information has been gained.
21/22-90 Queens Platinum Jubilee 2-5th June 2022
• Who is attending
• Who is chairing/scribing
• What /where and how with refreshments/setting up/ packing away etc
A Village meeting will be held on 25 November @ 19:00 in the village hall to collate a plan.
21/22-91 Mailchimp communications.   CPC hope to reinstate a village newsletter and urge everyone to submit their emails to the clerk.
21/22-92 Correspondence were noted from the agenda. 
21/22-93 Items for future meetings
i) Conservation area update – Cllrs Dair
ii) Playing Field update. – Cllr Angela Cardew
iii) Sustainable Carlby ‘what practical actions could we take’.  Cllr. Pete Holland
20:42 meeting closed.
The formal Parish Council meeting was closed and a presentation took place by the Owners of the building plot at 2a Church Street which from the plans were well received.
Date of next meetings 2022, 18 January, 22 March, 26 April (parish meeting), 3 May, 26 July, 27 September and 29 November