Statement on intent promoting Biodiversity

How  Carlby Parish Council will Promote Biodiversity through our Aims and Actions

A Statement of Íntent



The Parish Council has both a duty and an opportunity to do more to encourage biodiversity. We value both the rural character and the natural biodiversity of the parish and our aim is to conserve and enhance both.

In practice, what we can do directly is limited since, currently, we do not manage land; but we have the ability to give this encouragement to others through our resources. And through our ability to examine and comment on individual planning proposals and wider district policies.


We will:

 1. ensure that  potential applicants for grants are aware that actions which further biodiversity in the parish will be encouraged as eligible for assistance

 2 in turn, applicants should show how their actions will at least maintain biodiversity and, where applicable, enhance it. For example, grant aid in managing the playing field could encompass verge or tree planting in addition to just cutting the grass; aid to the church could include encouragement to develop a few ‘wild’ areas, as has been done elsewhere

3.. influence the management regime of the village green and other open spaces e.g. so that verge and other identified areas are strategically left uncut, then cut when seeds have dropped to encourage wild plants.

 4. in examining planning applications, consider their possible effect on local biodiversity, both their  negative and positive potential.

5. likewise, when commenting on district policies

6. as and when the Neighbourhood Plan is revised/updated, include biodiversity aspects.

7. if and when we have allotments, ensure that they are managed in a sustainable, wildlife friendly way.

NB: biodiversity (including ‘rewilding’) as used here does not mean wholesale abandonment and return of land to nature; or the reintroduction of predators. Also, whilst biodiversity/rewilding seeks to manage land to give more room for nature, it should not mean seeking ‘untidiness’ everywhere. The Council’s support is for actions within these practical limits and which are acceptable to the village