March 7 - Extra Ordinary Parish Meeting

To: Vice-Chair: Pete Holland, Councillors: Ian Dair, Angela Cardew, Sue Robinson and Lesley Sweeting.
You are summoned to an Extra Ordinary Parish Council Meeting On Tuesday 7th March 2023 
commencing at 7.30 pm at the Village Hall
The business to be dealt with at the Meeting is listed below.
Chair: John Bavister. 
22/23-145 Chairman Welcome
22/23-146 Open Forum for members of the public attending.
22/23-147 Record of members.
22/23-148 To Note apologies for absence.
22/23-149 Declarations of Pecuniary interests
22/23-150 King’s Coronation  
i) To consider and resolve quotations for a coronation bench 
ii) To consider and resolve submission of an application for grant funding to SKDC. 
iii) To consider and resolve decision if SKDC grant funding is unsuccessful.
iv) To consider positioning of the bench if purchased.
Planning:   To Note the following applications:
22/23-151 Application Proposal: s22/0538 Agri-Linc, Stamford Road, PE9 4LW.  Construction of commercial building to incorporate warehouse, workshop, showroom and trade counter, along with outdoor storage and display areas, and associated parking, following the demolition of existing buildings.
To receive update on application.