November 21 Parish Council Meeting -DRAFT

DRAFT: Minutes of The Carlby Parish Council Meeting on 21 November 2023 at 19:30 in the Village Hall

Present: Cllrs.  Pete Holland (Chairman) John Bavister (Vice Chair), Lesley Sweeting and Chris Barnes.
In Attendance:  County Councillor Charlotte Vernon, 6 Members of the public, Steve Markham, Rachel Wooley-Maggies Mates, Ben Whyles-Agri Linc and Sarah Gresty Parish Clerk.
Public Forum: 
Rachel confirmed that her recent planning application had been approved.  The new regime of only 20 dogs at one time in the care centre was now working well.  Dog walking on the farm starts at approximately 8am which is rotated during the day.  Fencing work on the application field has begun and a new hedge will be planted.  The Parish Council confirmed that no further complaints had been received from any residents. 
gave an update of.  Rachel hopes to continue in harmony with he village.
Ben Whyles had two comments to make regarding his application dated s22/0538.   
1. Stated he felt that the resolution (23/24-66) was not the resolution that was read out and discussed at the meeting.  He felt this changed the context of the resolution.
2. A representation was made S22 0358  resolution passed and the wording published in draft minutes.  Change context of resolution.    13th in accurate noise report.  Noise conditions.
3. Representation made to SKDC on 26th September by Cllr. Bavister that refers a statement made on behalf of the parish council for refusal of the application.  He questioned his understanding of the contrast of his belief and wanted to know if the Parish council supported or rejected the application.  Response:  Yes Cllr. Bavister had shared this information and supported with the parish council.   Our statement for the committee will be read later in this agenda and agreed.
A member of the public from Agri Linc also wanted to dispute the resolution wording.
The public forum was closed at 19:40
23/24-74 Apologies for absence. There were none.
Other Apologies received District Councillor Penn Robins.
23/24-75 Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests: There were none.
23/24-76  Minutes: 
a) 13 September 2023 Parish Council meeting were approved as a true and accurate record of events proposed Cllr. Holland, Seconded Cllr. Barnes, Cllr. Sweeting abstained due to being absent. Cllr. Bavister in favour vote unanimous RESOLVED.
23/24-77 Casual Vacancies.    A co option applications had been received by Steve Markham.  A vote in Closed session took place.   Proposal Cllr. Sweeting to accept Steve to the parish council.  Seconded Cllr. Barnes and unanimous in favour.  Steve was welcomed to the parish council and signed his acceptance of Office.
23/24-78 Reports from :
a)County Councillors Charlotte Vernon.   
Lincs Fire and Rescue have just published a risk management plan.  Sets outs the top risks for county top 3 are House fires, road traffic and flooding.  
Recently undertaken an onsite inspection with the Highways Officer of all the road surfaces in the area.  Carlby’s roads appeared in relatively good repair.   But if anything should need highlighting let me know.   
Response: road surface we agree, the infrastructure is another matter with flooding on High Street opposite Manor Road, there is a suspected collapsed drain.   A west side of church street and high street is also damaged as pieces have been found in the drain.   Action: Charlotte will flag this with Highways.
Lincs adult care services were inspected by the Care quality commission and been rated as good.
At September’s  full council meeting it was voted to put another £10m into road maintenance fund however there are a 5,500 miles of roads.   
Call connect have capped all their single fares at £2 
Partnership with highways contractors.  There is a volunteer scheme were you can submit project to benefit the community that the contractors may come and help with.  Response: Cllr. Barnes requested help to cut back the vegetation around the bus stops to make them more visible and safer.
A lost plea to not put batteries in the bin, there had been another lorry fire.
b)Police  Reports are received and circulated and made available on website/noticeboard upon receipt.
i) Priority setting meeting feedback for 4th December.  Action: Cllr. Holland to complete form, circulate to the parish council before submission.
ii) Parish Council Engagement Session - North and South Kesteven - 7th December 2023
action.   Action:  Cllr. Markham will attend this and feed back.
23/24-79 Finance & General Purposes : Financial matters presented by the Clerk as follows:
a) Financial Report for the period 01 April 2023 to 30 October 2023 with bank statements
b) Resolve Payments as follows:
23/24-80 Unipart Rail Ltd SID batteries £331.82
23/24-81 Village Hall – parish council meetings for 2023/24 £48.00
Proposal: to Resolve and Adopt the financial records above.  Proposed Cllr. Holland, Seconded Cllr. Bavister and unanimous in favour.
23/24-82  Proposal: To upgrade Dropbox for extra storage at a cost of £95.88.  Cllr. Holland, Seconded Cllr. Sweeting and unanimous in favour RESOLVED.
23/24-83 Local Government pay claim 2023/24.  The nation unions and the national employers’ body have reached agreement on local government pay.  Spinal column points (SCP) 1to 43 are increased by £1.925 (pro rata for part time workers).  The increase is worth 8.92% for parish councils.   The increase is backdated to 1 April 2023. This was noted.
23/24-84 Governance.   To note that the risk assessment has been updated and made available on the website.  
23/24-85 Budget and Precept Request for 2024/25 was presented by the clerk.
Action: to be resolve at the meeting on 16 January 2024
i) Bowls club handling unit  colin village hall first. The clerk had looked into apply for a SKDC Community fund grant for this but this was not possible.   
23/24-86 Planning  Current planning applications since the last meeting.
a) S23/1785 Letterbox Cottage
Proposal:  To support this revised application.  Cllr. Holland, Seconded Cllr. Sweeting, Cllr. Bavister abstained as this was his neighbours application, remaining unanimous in favour. RESOLVED.
b) S23/1911 Heath Farm, Holywell Road
Permitted development  in a flood plan.     Concern barn is surrounded by other barns, parking and outside space.  Continual development in open countryside.    
Proposed Response: The Parish Council is neutral on its merits. However, we would like to highlight two concerns that we believe are material considerations for the planning authority to take into account.
Firstly, the plans do not show any parking arrangements for the new property and we would request that the applicant provides a revised plan to the district council that shows how parking will be accommodated for the new property.
Secondly, the plans do not show any garden amenity area for the new property. We believe that this is an omission, as it is important for new residential developments to provide adequate garden space for residents. We would therefore request that the applicant provides a revised plan to the district council that shows how garden space will be provided for the new property.
In addition to these two specific concerns, we would also like to raise the issue of flood risk. The Parish Council is aware that the area in which the proposed development is located is prone to periodic river flooding. Although a flood risk assessment has been submitted with the application, we would request that the planning authority takes all necessary steps to ensure that the new property will not itself be adversely affected by flooding. (The submitted risk assessment primarily deals with the risk of the property potentially exacerbating current flood areas rather than the risk to the property itself).
Cllr. Holland, Seconded Cllr. Barnes and unanimous in favour RESOLVED.
On going Planning applications
S22/0538.  An agreed statement was read by cllr. Holland for the Planning Committee the next day.
a) to remove the words  “what we believe to be reasonable’  proposed Cllr. Bavister Seconded Cllr. Holland. Unanimous in favour.
Proposal: Request that conditions are brought back to the committee for discharge.  Proposed Cllr. Bavister
Amendment.  We request a discharge to conditions be consulted with the local ward member. Proposed Cllr. Holland.  
Cllr. Bavister accepted this amendment.
Vote: in favour Cllrs. Sweeting, Barnes, and Markham unanimous. RESOLVED.
23/24-87 Bus Shelters. Cllr. Barnes is continuing to research funding. 
23/24-88 Correspondence was noted from the agenda.
23/24-89 To receive Items for Future Meetings
Date of future meetings:  2024: 16 Jan, 19 Mar, 21 May, 17 Jul, 17 Sept, 19 Nov