Policy - Expenses Claim-reviewed 17/5/2023

Payment of expenses to Council members



1. Travelling and subsistence

Councillors may claim travel and subsistence expenses when carrying out previously approved duties. Approved duties mean doing anything approved by the Council, or anything of a class so approved for the purpose or in connection with, the discharge of the functions of the Council or any of its committees or working groups.


Travelling expenses will be reimbursed at the amount of .45p per mile, if using a private vehicle, or the cost of a standard second-class rail ticket, or appropriate bus fare, if using public transport.  Anyone claiming for reimbursement of travel by private vehicle must confirm on their claim that the insurance company providing cover for the vehicle has been advised of the owner’s use for travel on council business.


Subsistence allowance for refreshments will only be payable where attendance at any event exceeds 4 hours and will be limited to £8 maximum per event. Unless refreshments are provided by the event.


Claims shall only be made on the appropriate forms available from the Clerk. 


(The Clerk shall have delegated powers to authorise councillors’ attendance at training events, of £25 per councillor, subject to funds remaining within the yearly budget, set aside by the Council and up to a limit of £100 per event.  Such expenses incurred will be approved retrospectively after the event, at the next meeting of the council.  Any expenditure in respect of training in excess of £100 per event must be approved by Council prior to attendance.)


 2. Items purchased specifically at the direction of the Council


These will only be reimbursed subject to the prior agreement of the Council and on production of a valid receipt.


Members must endeavour to obtain a VAT receipt in the name of the Council for all such purchases, and this must be passed to the Clerk, together with the claim for reimbursement.


Claims shall only be made on the appropriate forms available from the Clerk.


4. Other expenses


Reimbursement of any other expenditure will only be by prior agreement with the council.



5. Member’s allowances


Carlby Parish Council does not pay any basic members’ allowance to elected councillors.