2022-23 Targets

Targets for 2022 -2023

On-going work

a. Seek to ensure that planning applications continue to be assessed within the principle and detail of the Carlby Neighbourhood Development Plan, with particular reference to maintaining Carlby’s ragstone heritage

b. Carry out regular inspection, with necessary repairs and maintenance, of assets i.e. bus shelters,  notice boards, defibrillator, emergency equipment, village sign; ensure that grit bins are filled as required

c. Ensure green spaces are maintained timeously and effectively

d. Continue improving the engagement of the PC with villagers via village organisations, encourage financial planning amongst grant applicants, annually update the PC’s own 5 year financial plan; assess effectiveness of 3 year statement of intent over financing agreed with Playing Field Committee

e. Continue to press authorities about on-going issues - state of roads and footpaths, dog fouling, with emphasis on achieving measures for a safer crossing of main road at bus shelter

f. Ensure that Council proceedings and procedures accord with regulatory requirements and protocols e.g. DPA , Good Councillors Guide, Standing Orders (as guided by the Clerk)


g. Assess continuing effectiveness of our Neighbourhood Development Plan, in light of planning developments

h. Arrange appropriate training for new councillors via LALC

i. Complete acquisition of village green and other green spaces currently managed by Persimmon, with follow up actions as detailed in Council minute 21/22-146

j. Review effectiveness of Council’s communication methods

k. Continue to press on reducing speeding through the village; encourage villagers to take part in village speed watch initiative when appropriate arrangements can be made

l. Where appropriate and possible, encourage balanced biodiversity “greening” policies/actions in Carlby, in support of local or county initiatives

m. Examine the cost and feasibility of replacement to both bus shelter on A6121

n. Maintain opposition to the proposed Mallard Pass development

o. Support village activities for HM’s Platinum Jubilee